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    Hi again,

    i’d just like to share my current journey i’m going through. i have been stretching for 5 weeks now. the first 3 were wiht use of a steroid cream. i have chosen not to continue using it due to fears of a yeast infection and further problems but i’m genuinely making great progress without it. today in the shower i was finally able to pretty much fully retract my foreskin flaccid (i didn’t let go due to being scared of paraphimosis i also had a lot of smegma built up).

    i couple hours later i tried to retract it without being in a shower and it was still the same amount.

    the phimotic ring is still tight however and does ‘strangle’ my head a bit so i need to keep stretching.

    when erect it still hasn’t improved however.

    i have also purchased he phimocure set and should arrive soon. i will update you when it comes.

    i am determined to fix this even thought my doctor recommended circumcision. i would also like to say a massive thank you to this forum for inspiring and motivating me to do this. i will update you all.

    Thank you

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    It seems quite clear that you are making progress.

    With regard to circumcision: Circumcision has long been the traditional treatment for phimosis.   It is a destructive, damaging, injurious amputation of part of the penis that is best avoided except as a last resort.

    This is the only treatment that many medical doctors know.   They seem to be aware of the medical progress that has been made in the use of tissue expansion to reduce phimosis.

    Moreover, circumcision provides the surgeon with a very nice fee, so there is incentive to recommend circumcision to anyone who walks in with a foreskin.

    One must be very careful in considering the recommendations of medical doctors for circumcision that may not be in the patient’s best interest.







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    Keep at it 4 times per day for five min each.

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