Need help with phimocure kit

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    So I just bought the phimocure kit and I’m having trouble inserting the rings. I can insert rings from 1 to maybe 5 with no problem just by letting the foreskin roll over the ring. However there is no stretch, I don’t feel anything. So I need ring 6. But when I try ring 6 or higher, I now have to fold the ring. I watched a video on how to do it and everything but the ring won’t pop into place. It either falls out or doesn’t pop at all and stays folded. I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong and I really need help with this.

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    Are you using any coconut oil to insert? When I tried to do it without the oil, it would hurt and not open but when I added the oil, works perfect.

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    if it falls out then the ring is either too small or you’re inserting it wrong.

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      I guess I’m inserting it wrong but Idk the right way? I watched and video and tried to follow it but for me the ring just doesn’t expand properly.

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    Rolling your foreskin over isn’t going to do anything.

    Watch the videos and keep trying and you’ll get it. But you definitely need to fold it to make it work…

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      That’s what I thought. When I can just roll the foreskin over, I assumed the ring was too small.

      I tried videos but it still doesn’t work. The ring just won’t expand and stays folded. What could I be doing wrong?

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    You sometimes need to help them unfold. It is a very tricky process but when you get it you’ll be fine. Just keep trying you’ll get it

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    Yellow man

    That’s the hardest part of moving up the rings. You need to push them out. You’ll know when it’s in. Bigger rings get really tough to insert.

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    I still haven’t been able to get the ring to unfold. It’s incredibly frustrating. It just doesn’t expand or starts to expand but then just pops out. I’ve watched a lot of videos but still can’t get it right.

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    I used tohave the same problem. What I did, I stack 2 rings on top of each other. I have a pretty long foreskin. So stretching with one ring wasn’t enough. I place a bigger one, deed inpside my foreskin. Against the glans, then the second one on top of it.

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      Do you have any images of how this looks? I think I might need to do the same. Thanks!

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    bumping this thread. same problem; ring insertion borderlining on impossible and incredibly frustrating.

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    I had similar issues with phimocure. It takes a lot of patience, but keep at it. And as others have mentioned, use some sort of lubration (lotion/oil) to help get it in.

    I am currently trying phimostop, which was expensive, but I figured I’d give it a shot. It is also a little bit tough to get in, but the good part is that it stays in place and can be left in without issues.

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