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      I firstly would like to say thank you to this community and to the person who started it coz it’s helped me so much. I’ve had phimosis condition for a long time that I gave up trying other options and was about to consult the doctor for circumcision.  Then I came across this forum accidentally from another page I visited. I started scrolling down and reading some of the experiences of other people here. And that changed me. I had second thoughts about circumcision and wanted to try some methods recommended here in this forum. And now, thanks to that, I can fully retract my foreskin until behind the glans during flaccid although the foreskin when fully retracted is still very tight behind the glans. And definitely still can’t retract the foreskin during erection and the glans, being open for the first time, is still very sensitive and untouchable. So I’m here to ask for help how I should proceed. I’m considering to get the stretching kit to do some stretching for this stage. Still I need some advice just to make sure I’m on the right track. Thank you in advance!

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      Thanks for those kind words, and thank Mother Nature for designing human bodies with natural laws which allow yor body to heal itself.

      The Phimocure kit offers great promise, but it also requires patience in learning how to apply the rings. The cost is low, so the risk in that regard is low. There’s a video on You Tube which shows how to use them.

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