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    Hi guys I have been suffering with phimosis for some years now.

    I have managed to get to type 1 with stretching. But I have been at a half for sometime now.

    There are two problems. When I am flaccid/erect and I try to retract, the foreskin becomes very dry from the inside and has troubles going over the head since it’s so dry. This causes a bit of pain. And the same happens when I am erect as well.

    Another problem is that when I am erect, I feel as if I am bottleknecked by the rigid band. I am not completely sure about this, please look at the picture and advice me as to what to do.

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    On the head of the penis, I also have white patches. When I become erect, those white patches look like dead skin. It’s not smegma since I keep my penis clean.



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    Have you tried the stretches recommended by Dr Elastic? Follow the link from the home page.

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