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      Hi all,

      I have an issue with the lack of strength in the larger phimocure rings.

      I’m on the first of the larger rings – the ones with a notch (which I assume is to protect the frenulum?)

      They’re quite a bit more flexible than the smaller ones, and I’ve found that when I position the ring with the notch where it’s supposed to be, the part where the notch is flexes inwards EVERY time and the ring pops out. This is because the ring is weaker in that spot (and it’s already quite bendy).

      When I insert the ring with the notch on the right hand side of the foreskin, it doesn’t flex (because I can get it in a little further on that side maybe? I’m right handed and have to insert the folded side first under the right hand side of the foreskin before pushing the other side in) but I’m obviously not getting the protection from that cutout.

      Even with the cutout in the wrong place, it’s not uncomfortable or painful to wear so the problem is definitely not that the ring is too large.

      Has anyone had this problem and solved it?

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      Have you contacted the vendor to see what they suggest?

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        No not yet. I’ll do that now and let you know what they say.

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      Have you tried the inserting the next size down in the middle of the current size? So effectively it doubles the structure of the ring.

      Sure I have read of someone doing this before.

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      Doubling up is  excellent idea.

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