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    So I stared two months ago, ring 1 was barelly fitable, now I’m on ring 9 and there’s a problem.

    There is no phimotic band anymore. The phimotic band that used to be there, is now a foreskin as wide as the rest of my foreskin shaft.

    I can fully retract easily while flacid but when erect retraction is difficult. I assume that means I’m not done yet. But how can I proceed now ? There’s no phimotic band, just a 3-4 cm of foreskin length that’s probably not as wide as it should be ( it’s about the size of ring 9 in diameter.

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    When you’re erect, have you retracted more than you used to or is still the same?

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    Ι can retract now when erect but there’s pressure on the base of the corona due to the skin being tight and it takes some effort to put it back over the glans.

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    Jealous. You probably just have to keep stretching For another while but it only took 2 months then it probably won’t be too long. What about your frenulum, no problems with that?

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    Well since I’m getting close to the finish I guess I’ll have to tell my story too.

    I didn’t pay attention to phimosis as sex was ok with condom. But when I first had sex without it, I felt pain. That together with the fact that I felt very bad for not being “normal” made me search the internet and find this community.

    I got the phimocure rings back in August. I managed to fit in Ring 1 but after a whole month of using it, I gave up cause I was doing no progress.

    Recently I had my annual mental breakdown and resolution on things I have to achieve and change, so I gave it a try again. This time I started with ring 2 which actually did the job.

    It turns out my foreskin does not respond well to mild stretching so I have to go a bit more extreme with pressure. The ring felt a bit tight, but after some time you get used to it. I moved to ring 3 in a week and then when I went to ring 4 I caused a scar. It’s spooky when you first see blood on your foreskin hehe.

    So anyway I freaked out, thought I’d cause an infection after all I’ve read here and went to the doctor, told him everything. The doctor examined me and he started pulling the foresking back slowly. After about of 20-30 secs of pulling he exposed my glans, for the first time in my life.

    He told me the frenulum was fine in length but attached a bit close to the tip of my head. He suggested operation since he said there was no academic data proving that stretching can work.

    Anyway I kept going, with some bumps here and there (trouble putting the rings on some times) and now I’m in ring 9.

    I still don’t know how I’ll procceed. But I’ve reached problems before during this journey and at the end I always found a way to overcome them.

    A bit of resilience, advice from this forum, advice from doctor and your own judgement will do the trick.

    Have faith, when I started I was very demotivated, but when I look back now, I feel that “If I managed to get this far, I’ll sure find a way to get to the end”.

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      Link to Dr Elastic and use the two-finger method for times per day, five minutes eah time

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    Did the doctor give you the cream?

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    Nope. He suggested operation. Turns out I don’t need it. Neither the operation, nor the cream 😉

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