Phimocure ring falling out

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    Hey all,

    I am 32 and was not really told about retracting the foreskin over the glands. Recently, I also found out that I have phimosis and spend a lot of time to read up on this. I have also seen my doctor and he had prescribed me a cortisone based cream to put it onto my foreskin twice a day.


    Along with that I have also purchased the Phimocure kit and currently using the 3rd smallest size. A few days back I managed to retract the foreskin completely in the flaccid state, but had difficulties to put the foreskin back over the glands.

    As I do not feel any stretching with the 3rd smallest size, I tried to move up to the next size. I tried to put the ring on, but I found the ring falling out most of the time. I have a feeling that my frenelum is pushing it out. Any idea how I could prevent it from happening? Any suggestion would be welcome.

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    I used to use Phimocure a bit and had the issue of it been pushed out. Other guys have also mentioned they felt like it was the frenulum pushing it out. But even after I had frenuloplasty I still had the same issue of the ring been pushed out.

    I think you should try 2 stretching sessions a day, 1 using Phimocure and the other using your fingers or alternative method. See

    Also, it might be worth you watching all of these videos just to further your understanding. Some might not apply to you you right away but worth watching.

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