Phimosis almost solved, frenulum breve becoming apparent

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    Alright guys, so I’ve almost got this phimosis thing solved, I’ve been stretching for 3 weeks now, using phimocure rings in the last week. I’m now almost able to comfortably fully retract my foreskin over the head of my penis. Unfortunately, I now realize that part of why the last few milimeters is uncomfortable to retract not because of the tight foreskin (not anymore) but because my frenulum is causing resistance on the underside of my penis, pulling the head down and putting too much tension on the frenulum itself.

    So my question is, if I want this thing solved, should I continue to do stretching exercises, including frenulum stretching, or should I just start the process to get under the knife ASAP? Also, have any of you successfully stretched the frenulum with stretching exercises? I hear mixed things about whether that’s possible or effective.

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    Yes you should continue exercises, but especially on your Frenulum now. Don’t think about having a Frenuloplasty, I had one and it was a very stupid decision retrospectively.

    Why risking a surgery when you can achieve the same with stretching. When it is skin, it can be stretched, simple rule.

    Good luck!

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    Any success stories regarding that? I’ve heard of lots of people dealing with phimosis but very few managing frenulum breve!

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      Those who fail never really tried.

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    What’s the difference between the Phimotic ring and Frenulum tissue? It is from the same foreskin. Why would it differ in success?

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      It’s basically the same tissue. success chances are the same.

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    The more I look at it the more it seems like I have a long way to go. Like maybe a quarter inch which seems like a lot =(

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      How badly do you want success?

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    CMark I understand your frustration but believe me it is a blessing that you noticed this forum before opt in for a surgery. In the end it is your body and you have to take responsibility of what you want to do. But trust me that Frenuloplasty is something you will regret.

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