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    I got diagnosd by phimosis and  doctor told me i have to get circumcised and i am having ISO.ORG health inusurance and company is saying that this is not covered.

    However i explain them that this is purely a medical condition and i am ready to provide doctor office documents if needed.

    Does snybody help in this? more guidance needed. i am suffering from severe phimosis , its been hell living with this.

    Can i do anything further to explain to insurance company?

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    I am sorry to hear about both your problems. I am unsure how to deal with the insurance company, can the doctor write some kind of letter or recommendation?

    Also, I have mild phimosis and frenulum breve, I have had frenuloplasty surgery. I do not know the extend of your phimosis but please be 100% sure you want surgery before proceeding. Some guys report success with stretching techniques dispute doctors saying they required circumcision.

    Good luck

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    Phimosis can be cured with simple stretching exercises administered with your fingers. Don’t fall for the doctor’s copout to teaching you what to do. On our home page, there is a link to Dr Elastic’s website which illustrates what to do. Don’t mutilate your penis, just fix it.

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