Phimosis help please!

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    So i’m 22 and i’m 100% sure that i have phimosis.
    The problem is i dont know what to do.
    I am unable to put two fingers inside my foreskin for stretching.
    I think that is because it is too tight.


    Do you think it’s bad?
    Should i be using phimosis cream?
    If yes, then where do i apply it and how?

    Any help is appreciated. Thank you.

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    It appears that you do have phimosis, but I see that you can expose about 1/3 of the head so I do not think it is very bad.   I think that with a program of stretching you will make rapid progress.

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    You’re not bad. Check put the link to Dr Elastic and go to work. Five min, four times a day.

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