Pin hole size in foreskin

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    Pin hole size in foreskin

    Hi guys,

    I just came across this site. Im supposed to be getting circumsized in a weeks time. Basicly i have a really really tight foreskin (phimosis) I have had it all my life. I can not pull back my foresking at all, and never could. I am now 29. Sex seems to work fine, maybe not as sensitive as i may like due to my foreskin not pull back at all. My doctor said that i would have problems later in life with my bladder if i didnt not get circumsized. When i pee the top of my penis swells up like a big bollon. Does not hurt, sometimes it is unpleaseant but ive lived with it until now but am sick to death with the problem. Would streching really work for a pinwhole sizes forskin? My doctor says no…what do you think. I can uplaod a photo if it would help..(not sure how om here)? Anyways due to the fact im suppose to have this done in a week i guess if someone gave me their opion asap i would be grateful!

    Thanks guys


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    Cancel the appointment

    If you haven’t had issues yet, you won’t. The doctor is full of baloney.

    I suggest that you try flesh tunnels. You’ll have to start pretty small but should be able find some. They offer the best results with the least effort.

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    Thanks guys,

    I get that the work needs to be put in and i was wondering has anyone used the Novoglan product to help??

    I guess im just looking at my options and i am kind of freaking out about getting something cut off down there…not from a pain point of view more from a “when its gone its gone” point of view, along with the sex be worse maybe because of it.

    Not in America…in Ireland.

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    The Irish should know better

    Colin Farrell put Irish foreskins in the forefront a few years ago by stating that the Irish don’t cut them off. You would definitely miss yours if you were to allow it to be cut off.

    The device advertised is based upon sound principles. In actual practice, it has mixed reviews. Many guys have great difficulty in either inserting it or keeping it inside as it’s inflated. I believe you’ll have better luck using flesh tunnels.

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    Paul B.


    You have cancelled the doctors’ fetish party?

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    im having the same issue except it hurts when I urinate and my foreskin on the tip blows up like a balloon when I urinate I have also periodically urinated blood and since my foreskin has such a pin hole it makes me stay a lot longer in the bathroom.  I’m thinking of circumcision but I don’t know how to tell my parents can I get some help/advice

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    Don’t ever get cut It is not necessary. If you want painful erections and a dried out glans and the sensitive foreskin removed and the risk of a butcher job or an infection from the operation get it cut and regret it.

    See the below earlier posting.

    You also can get an Artery forceps on Amazon for about 10 dollars and it will insert in a 1/8 inch hole or 3 CM hole. You will have to spread the blade to create a  good stretch but do not stretch so hard you tear your skin. Be very very careful to not pinch your glans when you remove the forceps until you can move up to the Killian  speculum. You can also use knitting needles and work up the size until you can use the nasal speculum. This will take some time (Perhaps 4 to 12 months to expand to about 25 MM or 1 inch ) to accomplish but it can be done and many with your condition have done it before. Be patient and diligent with 2 to 3   1/2 hour sessions per day and if you get sore just back off a bit and rest for a day.

    Try a KILLIAN SEPTUM NASAL SPECULUM Length 6.00″ BLADE length 3.5″ (8.9CM)  You can get them on Amazon for about 10 dollars

    It is way cheaper than a Glansie does the same thing and will widen your opening from less than the diameter of a pencil to about 25 mm or one inch . Be sure to get the one with the screw in the side to keep it opened to the desired amount depending  upon your condition so you can easily maintain tension perhaps even with your clothes covering you up. You may want a shorter blade perhaps in the 2 inch range depending upon your situation and overhang length. Do not over stretch but bring it up tight but do not go so far as to tear your opening.  If you have a severe pinhole Phimosis you can start by inserting small knitting needle  being careful not to stab you glans but sliding the needle over the top of the glans increasing in size over time so you can use the nasal speculum to finish the job.

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    Davit’s advice is sound, and I concur. Do not submit to circumcision. Your problem is fixable.

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    stretching will work but it will take time. I had the same problem with ballooning when urinating and don’t have it anymore. I still have a long way to go but if you take your time stretching will do something.

    I recommend using cue tips if you can or using just one and pinching from the other side until you can use two.

    Give this website a look for some expectations about what you can do in a certain time period.

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