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    Hi all

    have struggled with tight foreskin all my life but probably at its worst now.

    i can’t retract even when flaccid unless I’ve done a lot of stretching before hand. The problem I have at the moment is I kept getting cuts at the tip of my foreskin meaning I lose all progress the next time I try stretching

    the inside of the foreskin in and around the frenulum area itches a lot. I’ve used canesten cream which does help but it just seems to return

    my foreskin also looks quite puffy like it’s constantly inflamed

    i don’t have any pain with erections or peeing although I often have to “mop up” after peeing as the last few bits seem to just pool up

    if anyone can give me some advice as to what I can try/do is greatly appreciate it

    many thanks



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    The cuts are definitely indicating a yeast problem. Be consistent with the Canisten cream by applying twice  daily. Don’t stop as soon as conditions improve. Discontinue any use of soap, washing with clear water only. It may sound crazy, but an application of a small amount of yogurt inside your foreskin might help to get bacteria back in balance.

    Stretching must be frequent and consistent. Maintain a schedule of four short (5 min) sessions per day.

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    Thank you so much Jim for your reply.
    Any kind of yoghurt in particular?

    im going to be strict with the canesten and perhaps go for 2 straight weeks morning and night.

    ill post back in a few weeks

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    Plain yogurt with live cultures.

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    Thank you Jim will give it a go.

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    Hi Jim

    Whats your thoughts on using ozonated coconut oil to treat the fungal infection?

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    I know nothing about it.

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    Just to follow up on this. The ozonated coconut oil appears to be fighting off the yeast with great effect. I’ve used canesten cream for a while now and this relieves the itch etc for a while then just comes back. Since using the coconut oil the itching has pretty much gone and also the inflammation has gone down massively as well.
    once the cuts have fully healed I’ll be going for the stretching again.
    anyone suffering from yeast issues I’d highly recommend ozonated coconut oil

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