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      Please Help

      I’m 18 and still a virgin. I only recently decided to look in to my problem. I’ve never been able to fully retract my foreskin over my gland. I can get it about 1/2 way but a bit of skin (around the back) is still connected. Obviously I don’t know all the biological jargon but I do feel, if the skin was cut or something, the foreskin could fully retract. I just want to know if anyone else has had this problem and if anyone knows what i should do? I went to the doctor for a check-up (obviously when I wasn’t erect) so the problem didn’t arise. I am too nervous to go get it looked at at the moment so your help would be greatly appreciated. I guess I always just assumed it would fix itself as I am a fairly late developer. Please help.

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      Does it look like this?

      Does it look like this?

      Look at this picture: The little web under the pee hole is normal.

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      Paul B.

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      Ummm, Jim, what happened to the HTML enabling?

      The previous forum worked superbly, but now it doesn’t, and I’m telling you it is a right pain – as bad as Fathermag!

      Is it possible to fix the setting without – the same catastrophe as before?

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