Please people who use the Phimocure rings does this happen to you at all?

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      I’m using the Phimocure rings and whenever I put the rings on for about 30 mins they end up leaving a circular red mark the size of the inner circle of the rings on my glans. There’s no way around this because basically my foreskin is gripping and pulling the rings onto my glans. I don’t know why Phimocure didn’t design the rings so that the inner circle of the rings are more rounded rather then have an edge. Does this happen to anyone? The Phimocure rings start to feel uncomfortable and sting and I think its mainly because the ring is being pulled onto my glans. There’s no way to fix this using a smaller ring it does the same exact thing. The red mark does go away after removing the ring and leaving the glans alone, but I’m wondering if I’m doing my glans any harm by repeatedly subjecting it to this.

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      Do you have sensitive skin? I do and it does the same to me. I found that using coconut oil and doing 30 min sessions a few times a day works. I am legit almost there. But if this doesn’t work, do maybe 15 min sessions and stretch them out during the day. I used to think it was hard to do that, but you can always “use”  the bathroom and do it there.   Also make sure you are not using rings that are too big and cutting off the circulation. Its happened to me before and it really does irritate the foreskin. I have never had any harm or marks from it. Im very white so my skin turns red any time anything even irritates it one bit.  Hope this helps!

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      Hello, Need help to move up to next size using Phimocure. At size 3 and do not feel much stretch. But, feel stretch with size 4 — but this size hurts tremendously when pulling out. The silicone rim feels like cutting through foreskin when pulling out. Any suggestions to effectively move to size 4?

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      Hi Rick

      I had the same problem…The ring pulling down and sitting on the glans

      I made a rather crude adaption and tied a piece of string around the foreskin, under the bottom of the ring, to prevent the ring sitting down on the glans…

      Looked a bit freaky but worked a treat!

      Incidentally, a year ago I started with the third smallest ring in the set, I’m now using the third largest and almost cured!





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      Timbo, sharing a couple if picture would be helpful for understanding your string solution.

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