Preputioplasty Disaster

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    Hello everyone,

    I had a mild case of phimosis. I did not know how to fix it and resorted to preputioplasty. Long story short, whatever you do, don’t have a preputioplasty! I wish I would have found this forum sooner.

    I am posting this in hopes that others may learn from my mistake.

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    What happened exactly?

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      I got a preputioplasty because I did not know how to fix my phimosis. The urologist removed a good amount of skin and I no longer had full coverage while being erect (I did not know this would happen.) After the surgery, while I was erect, I pulled back on the skin not knowing that it would tear. Now I can’t even retract flaccid and my amount of foreskin that I have now does not even cover me entirely while I am flaccid.

      I am still going to try to use Triamcilone Acetonide 0.5% and maybe try restoring the length that I lost.

      Just don’t do preputioplasty. I did not know about these much simpler ways to fix the problem.

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      I cannot recall one time since 2003 when someone reported satisfaction with any surgery on the frenulum.

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    Just a question, so if you hadn’t had ripped it and it had healed, would you be happy wiht it?

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      No I would not be happy with it because I did not have full coverage while erect after the preputioplasty.

      However, before I did have a frenuloplasty and I was very happy with that result. But, I wish I knew about the effectiveness of creams and stretching for the tight phimotic ring.


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    So in conclusion:

    I had frenulum breve and a tight phimotic ring. I got a frenuloplasty and was very happy with that result. But, I still needed to fix the tight phimotic ring. I resorted to preputioplasty and regret that very much. I wish I would have stretched the phimotic ring and used creams to fix it.

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      Other than now having a short foreskin, what problems are you having?

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      I cannot even retract when flaccid and I have some tearing wounds that are still healing. When it becomes erect, my foreskin just rests about halfway down the head.

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      But when erect doesn’t the foreskin go back anyway during sexual intercourse? so it doesn’t matter all that much if it’s not full coverage when erect? sorry if m am i completely wrong – only 15

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      I suppose for sexual intercourse its ok but I would’ve liked to still have full coverage when erect nevertheless

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      You can easily lengthen your foreskin by using devises for that purpose.

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      When chances of reopening the wound are past, begin stretching S directed by Dr Elastic. Do the exercises four times per day, 5-10 min each time.

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      Got it, Thank you Jim

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