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    Hello everyone.

    A few months ago after trying to solve my phimosis problem, I attempted stretching. I quickly realized that I was just stretching the looser parts of my foreskin (which was super loose of course).  I did it for about a few weeks and stopped because I had trouble stretching the phimotic band. The phimotic band in my case is very small. I don’t even know if stretching it will help, because it’s so deep down that by the time I dig it up to the top somehow and try to stretch it, 1) it feels uncomfortable 2) my fingers are so big and the hole is so tiny that it makes hard to grip and even stretch correctly. So this brings me to the question… am I screwed? I have a girlfriend and we haven’t gotten to the topic of sex before..but I feel like if we do engage in it, i wouldn’t feel any pain because my band is pretty tight (close to pinhole but when I’m flaccid I can pull my foreskin back to almost show the full head, but when erect, I cannot retract at all).  I think I would get 0 sensation from a blow job as well.. which makes me very sad. Would steroid cream help to loosen up the phimotic band in the early stages? Just loosening it up and making it bigger would allow me to stretch it much more easily and finally give me some results. I can show some pictures of how small the whole is, but it is quite tiny (you can see the tip of my glans basically). I have no idea what to do..being circumsied is costly and it will ruin my sensations which I do not want to lose. I want to keep trying my best but I always get discouraged because of how tight my band is…I will keep trying to stretch it over the next few weeks and see if any progress is made. I know everyone always says to add the steroid cream after done stretching to the inside of the phimotic band, but if stretching doesn’t even help me, could i theoretically just put the cream inside of it and see if it loosens up? I need a miracle because i don’t think I have any chance of fixing this with stretching..thanks for all the help everyone…

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    A substance commonly called friendly plastic may be your answer.You could mold a conical device which could be inserted into the opening to dilate it. Even a common ball point pen with a conical barrel might be used. Whatever is used must be completely smooth and should be lubricated. Simply insert it to its comfort limit and hold it five minutes, doing this four timed per day.

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