scared i’ll loose my progress due to possible yeadt

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    <p style=”text-align: left;”>Hi everybody ,</p>
    i have been stretching for phimosis for around 5 and half weeks now. for the first 3 weeks i used a steroid cream. 5 days ago, i used it again once but didn’t again , however, that one time made the tip of my penis / foreskin itchy. i thoughts nothing of it

    4 days on, it is still itchy now and then and is a bit red around the foreskin. i am scared it may be possible yeast but i have made amazing progress and i’m scared to loose it. i stretch 4 times a day for 5 minutes sessions.


    Please help, i’m not certain if it’s yeast but i’m scared to loose my progress.

    shall i carry on stretching anyway?


    athank you, SSpyros

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    Are you using any yeast cream? just use it anyway and you should be ok.

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    Hi patrick , so if i use the cream and stretch will it be okay? also where shall i apply the. cream? on the foreskin and head? or just one

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    I get an itch now and again and I just put yeast cream on around the foreskin just incase it is yeast. I wouldn’t stop stretching unless it’s painful and needs a break.

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    Okay thank you very much i’ll do that from now on

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    Definitely sounds like yeast. Apply to entire foreskin, inside and outside. Use a Q-tip to smear the cream over the glans and inner foreskin.

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      thank you jim? do you mind me asking how many times a day? before or after stretching? shall i carry on stretching?


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      sorry didn’t mean the question mark after saying thank you



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      Twice per day. Do not use soap to wash. Put it on after stretching. Teat 10-14 days and don’t have bare sex.

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      thank you so much Jim

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      Apply it twice each day for two weeks, after stretching.

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    Also, how long will it roughly take to get rid of? any ideas?

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      If you apply a good yeast cream, symptoms will usually be gone in 2-4,days. Continue treatment anyway. Never use soap for washing inside the foreskin. If you take antibiotics, start treating for yeast. If you have unprotected sex, partner should also treat. During treatment time, use condoms.

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