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    Hi together,

    I decided to share my story. I had a Frenuloplasty due to a slightly torn Frenulum and as I didn’t let it heal completely (I did not know any better and only waited 1 week) it tore again.

    I went to see a Urologist who told me not a problem we will do a minor operation to have it cut through. He told me the Frenulum was too short and it is likely to tear again. I agreed as I trusted doctors before (who would know any better than him?).

    Fast forward 3 months later I’d say that the Frenuloplasty was technically okay (have a look at the picture). I had a light infection 2-3 days after but it was treated with Antibiotics and all good. The problem is that my sexual stimulus does not feel like before and it is giving me psychological trouble. I don’t read many stories about loss of sensation due to a Frenuloplasty and a few other Urologists I saw told me “Thats psychological, you need to see a therapist”.

    I’m wondering if any of you has a similar experience as I do. I feel mutilated by accepting a procedure which could have been solved otherwise. I certainly had a tight Frenulum and the indication was probably not wrong, but I never had any issues with sex before and I wish I would have seen this website earlier. Good part is that my foreskin is now retractable very well but what does this help when I miss the fuzzy, warm feeling of the Frenulum in place. Do you think it will return? Any suggestions are much appreciated.

    Also here is a photo after the Frenuloplasty 3 months ago (unfortunately I don’t have a photo from before)

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    It’s very good that your foreskin is now easily retractable but not so good that you have a loss of sensation.  I don’t understand what you mean by “the fuzzy, warm feeling of the Frenulum in place”.  I have never felt my frenulum “in place” with my foreskin retracted or unretracted whether my penis is erect or flaccid.  Of course there is great sensation and sensitivity in that area when the foreskin is stretched back during oral or any other kind of sex but that feeling always requires gentle stimulation by tongue, finger or flesh of a partner.

    The lack of sensation must be very disappointing for you.  Perhaps it’s the same result produced by most surgery  –cutting into skin damages nerves — and that, in time, the body will heal.

    Can you be more specific about the “fuzzy, warm feeling” you mention?

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    No help? Guys I’m in despair.. 🙁

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    Hi Marsilarsi,

    I had Frenuloplasty about 3 months ago. I have not had much sexual activity since then to see how much it has changed. (I will be writing a full blog about my entire experience and will post this online in the coming weeks.)

    Do you feel the sensation was lost during sex, or during masturbation or both?

    When you have sex, does your foreskin move up and down over the glans. For me, since my foreskin is a little tight it might not move to reveal the glan/head correctly, so there is less feeling (problem before surgery).

    If you have a consistent sexual partner, its best to talk about your concerns with them, but make sure you let them know its not their fault either.

    For me, I think there has been a slight physical change, but I also think some of the issue is phycological.

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    Hey guys,

    first of all thanks for your reply.
    CheekyMyna it is interesting that you mention you don’t feel the Frenulum “in place”. The best way to describe this feeling is: The more I’m erect and the closer I’m getting to climax it gives this unbelievable strong tugging feeling on the Frenulum which is now non-exist. Therefore my sexual stimulus is not nearly as good as before. This applies to both, masturbation and sex.
    It is almost like my body cannot cope with the “loose” feeling I have in my penis now where before it was tugging and strongly dragging on my glans.

    Sam I can move the foreskin all the way back now without any restriction (see photo in my OP), all other urologists I’ve seen also said it would be psychological but one of them mentioned “maybe you are missing the tugging”. I don’t know, I’m really in despair and wish I’d never have done this procedure at all. Looking forward to read your blog post. All the best.

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    Hi Marsilarsi,

    I also felt like “something was missing” after my frenuloplasty. When I used to masturbate, I could enjoy it, without even expoing much of the glans (or none at all). Now I have began to change my technique a little bit. I pull the foreskin down more and sometimes the glans make direct contact with my hand/fingers. I have started using lubricant (coconut oil) while masturbating and it feel more comfortable.

    I have not had sex since the surgery but I’m dating a girl and should become sexually active soon. Ill let you know how it has affected my sex.

    Try not to stress to much about it, I think the feelings in our penises have changed, but not lost. Change of techniques (including sex) I think we will see improvement.

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    Sam, thanks again for your reply. It is much appreciated and helps a lot.
    Interestingly I did it the same in the past, no need to expose the glans for masturbation, maybe I should change techniques to. Would you say your Frenuloplasty was worth it, or would you go for the steroid exercise method if you’d have known before? Also is your result basically the same as mine?
    Feelings have changed but nothing lost is calming me down a bit, because technically you are right, nothing was removed, only cut.

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    Hey guys.

    Marsilarsi, I agree with Sam that you should try lubricant when you masturbate, particularly when your foreskin is fully retracted.  It’s also important not to think too much about how your penis is feeling and reacting as you’re doing it,  particularly as you reach ejaculation.  Getting into a state of relaxation, not tension, is an important part of the psychology of the moment.

    Marsilarsi, don’t let yourself be convinced that the decision to have the frenuloplasty was wrong.  You obviously had good reasons to take this step and your surgeon would not have done it otherwise.  And from the photo in your link, your penis looks fine.   I have been down the road of despair and it always leads to a crossroads: with support, help, good advice from others and (most important of all) good, logical thinking by yourself, despair disappears and is replaced by a number of possibilities and solutions.  It always feels great to get to that point in the road.  And you will. Your decision to have the frenuloplasty done was the correct one.

    Sam, your opinion about using lubricant and change of technique is very good advice.  Thanks for your thoughtful contribution.

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    There is one other thing to consider also. If you are a guy that is not used to having to glans exposed, they are often more sensitive. For me when I first started exposing my glans, I thought I might damage the glans, or it was bad to let them touch anything (my hands or bed sheets for example). But I think its ok for your glans to gently touch things, dispute the fact that initially they might be over sensitive. It might feel uncomfortable when the glans touch something, but you are not doing any damage. Think about guys who are circumcised, they glans would have been touch/rubbing against their pants and other things all their life, and sure over a life time their glans might have lost slight sensitivity but over all their glans are still fine, so I’m sure our glans occasionally touching something will have no impact on them.
    It took me a while to stop been afraid of my glans.
    Hope this helps

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    The frenulum is often a trigger point to bring on orgasm.  Ordinarily, even circumcised men who have lost their frenulums report extra sensation coming from that area.  I suggest that you speak with the surgeon, but I’d be reluctant to submit to anothe procedure.

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    Jim, many thanks for your answer. So you’re saying with or without Frenulum the sensation should be the same, at least thats what I read from it? I’m definitely not going to have another procedure that is for sure. The surgeon was playing my problem down and said I should come for another visit after half a year has passed.

    I was even thinking to stretch the remaining Frenulum “scar” to rebuild the Frenulum tissue but not sure if that would be possible?

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    In case this helps, I start stretching again 6 weeks after my surgery. The foreskin is still slightly tight, the will not glide easily over the glans there is still some resistance. I also slightly stretch what remains of the frenulum. I was worried after surgery that stretching might not be possible or it might cause damage to the operated area, but it seems perfectly fine.

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    Hey Sam, all answers are indeed very helpful. This might sound weird but I did not mean stretching the “length” of the Frenulum but stretching the remaining to come back ‘out’ more.

    I have researched even more now and I don’t understand why I am experiencing such a loss of sensation. Technically no tissue will be removed with a Frenuloplasty and the sensitive skin being the Frenulum is now flat/even. But it just feels sore without any feeling to me. I’m obvioulsy panicking a bit as I feel I have killed sexual stimulation. Its been 4 months by now

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    Marsilarsi, four months is a long time so I appreciate how you must be feeling.  I have had a different type of surgery and the feeling of numbness around my cut lasted for a year or more.  It takes a long time for damaged nerves to heal.

    Sam is right about sensitivity of the glans.  My foreskin covered my glans until I was 16 years old.  When I started pulling it back and touching the glans, it was painful.  Gradually, with the shower hitting my exposed penis head and my soapy fingers moving over it, the glans became less sensitive.  I could leave the foreskin retracted and let the glans rub on underclothes and bed sheets.  Now it is still sensitive but ok.  I usually leave my foreskin unretracted.  It is retracted  when I piss, or when I am in the shower or during sex.


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    WTF. this happened to me too, orgasm its worse and feels less pleasurable unless i edge a lot. Is this permanent? had op a month ago

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      It never returned as it was before, but nature has redundancy and fills missing feeling with other feelings. Check how it produces new Sensation by the free movement of your inner foreskin. Don’t focus on what was, focus on what’s new.

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      my orgasm feels worse still and thats all i care about really, not the build up. I’ve done a tonne of research and done a thread on reddit you can have a look on- the consensus their being that frenuloplastys do indeed remove tissue. Whether i regain sensation in the scar site i have no idea but its been a month. Did you at all? is the lack of sensation in scar site the cause or the lack of a tug of a frenulum??

      — the only things i can think of is try and fix dryness of my foreskin head as seems a bit keratinised, dont masturbate rarely, and edge a lot. What a farce.

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      Hey dude,
      try to use the same name, as I already know who you are and it is easier to keep on the conversation. I have a theory why your orgasm is worse but I won’t have time to type the theory right now, keep an eye on this thread and I will post it later.
      But something that wonders me is why you are so dependent on other peoples opinion of how much Frenulum is left. Honestly I’m probably an expert when it comes to Frenulum and sensation and I already told you that one cannot make assumptions based on a picture. Even if someone has NO visible Frenulum left it doesn’t mean a single piece of skin was removed, because the surgeon did his job well!
      I understand you are in despair but you cannot control this anymore. It’s done! Keep this thread followed and I post you something on your orgasm later.

      Take care

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      Alright dude. I’m giving you my experience on why orgasms could be worse. I don’t know how it was with you but when I was about to come my dick was really hard and the intense tugging because my Frenulum was short gave me a pleasure because it was so exceeding its limit. There is even a study that orgasms are being triggered due to the Frenulum exceeding to its max stretch point. Like a rubberband. All this is gone now, no doubt about that, but technically orgasms should be as good as before. I was checking my behaviour and came to a theory. At the point of orgasm, our body is clearly like giving up, nothing of our control, point of no return. Imagine now following to make that example more clear: for your lifetime someone was pinching you hard on your right arm during you have an orgasm (ridiculious idea but wait for it…), What happens to your orgasm when this pinching doesn’t happen anymore, because it stops. You would be irritated because you are so used to this pinching on your arm that you conditionized this to your orgasms. Now, take this example to your Frenulum which was tugging hard because you had an orgasm. Its not there anymore and and you are subconsciously confused. Do you get my point why I think orgasms are not worse in general but our mind makes it so because we are confused during such a valuable moment. It is just a theory, but let me know what you think.

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      yeah that could be legit. Will our brains re wire then to stop this or is this it for life? Sucks so bad

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      and has it got better at all for you? Mine haven’t and its been a month does feel something missing massively

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      To answer both of your questions:
      1) I think it will rewire when we stop to ruminate about it how it could be gone for life. Thats why I kept telling you not to focus on this, the more you focus the harder it will be to rewire.
      2) It’s been a year for me and it hasn’t got any better, but I am a ruminating person which I account all the problems to. Sometimes I have strong orgasms, sometimes they are pure shit. You see it is variable. The feeling itself up to orgasm is not nearly as before but I keep reminding myself of how there are many people out there not having a foreskin at all, which must be hell.

      I have a thought experiment for you. Imagine your frenulum would have torn by itself not that you opted in for frenuplasty, would you still be in despair, would you still focus so hard on it? If you notice you don’t it is very likely that all is psychological as in having made the “wrong” decision.

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      I do believe it is mainly psychological definitely- are you saying people with naturally torn frenulums should have a similar impact in terms of sensation change? Most of mine are still worse, but im more at peace with it now as feels so long away it prior to op now. I think we’ve fucked ourselves on a deep psychological level for the time being honestly as i dont see anyone else really online who’ve noticed a difference, and also people who’ve had circs with full frenulum removal and have noticed no difference in orgasm sensation. Only query i have is as my result basically looks exactly like yours- is that scar site sensitive at all? Mine personally has barely any sensation which is annoying. Also for me masturbation feels no different.. so im worried this entire thing has been exaggerated by my brain (as i can still occasionally have strong ones which surprise me). All in all its very annoying, but im pretty sure my scar site should be sensitive whereas it is quite numb unless i tickle it

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      Yes, a torn Frenulum basically does the same as a Frenuloplasty. There is even a method called “pull & burn” that you tear your frenulum in order to lengthen it (here if you are interested: . Anyway, I find it quite interesting that you say that masturbation is the same. It isn’t for me, but this gives me good hope 🙂
      As for the scar, yeah it feels sligthly numb but then it is only a small part where it is a white scar for me.

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      yeah same, oh damn do you reckon we could have had the frenular artery severed then through the op? Mastubation itself dosent feel any different but orgasms are horrendously anti climatic. Best way to describe it is the build up is decent pleasure level, then when reach the point of no return i feel barely anything on most times i masturbate. I have now cut out porn but i cannot see anything helping. Occasionally it is good still which makes it even more weird and my mindset isnt even any different in these times. Have you had sex since op and if so how that change feeling?  Still so depressing

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      also is what you’re saying is that on paper- people with a torn frenulum, have their frenulum (when healed) in a very similar state to us? Or would it not be scarred (and would it be attached to meatus or not? ). I find this very interesting, as IF the dynamic of having a torn frenulum which heals naturally is exactly the same in terms of sensation, and role as our frenulum which has been operated on- that this is all in our head, as snapped banjos are extremely common and there would be more talk online if was a theme. What are your thoughts? Or is banjo tearing different? Thanks again good to get your input as very similar situation to me

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      The frenular artery is cut through during the procedure so the answer is yes. The only way to avoid this is through Frenulum tying, because you can choose where to make the sting.

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    I think you’re right. The tension if the frenulum at the point of no return is an essential element in the total experience. Without that tension, orgasm still happens, bit it’s diminished. That’s why the natural approach of skin expansion, rather than cutting, is encouraged here.

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      brutal tbh. how come more men who have this OP don’t report this issue? Do you think it’ll get any better?

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    Those who come to sites such as this one do report dissatisfaction. Most guys are too complacent. Ever more so with circumcision. Most regret it but remain mute.

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    ive trawled most of this entire forum (most pages) and i cant see much at all bashing frenuloplasty with regard to orgasm being impacted tbh apart from a few. And entirety of reddit found nothing, and other sites very little. Circumcision for sure there should be a loss of sensitivity. Politely disagree with the being mute thing though, as mainly they say nothing when there isn’t an issue- similar to finasteride forums where people go on and on about sides etc, when millions of men take it each year and get on with their lives (not giving it a second thought and so dont post). I still believe i have lost orgasm sensitivity though as i can only have good orgasms when im 10000% focused and not thinking of anything- if mind even strays a little, my orgasms are ruined.

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      I have a question for you. When you got a boner, did you feel a tugging intense feeling from your Frenulum without touching it?
      Thats something I realised compared to others, my Frenulum was indeed so short that it gave me an intense feeling just by getting a boner, and not touching it at all.

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      no i don’t recall this to be honest. Yours must have been extremely short! Did you actually acknowledge the tugging when you had the frenulum (before op). My last 2 orgasms have been good actually, stretching seems to be very slowly helping foreskin manoeuvrability. The key for me now is being 100% in the zone with the act, and the release still feels strong. Doing it when thinking about sensation always results in bad orgasms for me.

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      Yes it seems like it was very short. And yes I had the tugging before.
      I’m glad to hear your words about your improvements, especially because it now more and more gives you evidence that it is psychological (As I told you in your first post). Orgasms is an act of “not thinking” and when you do exactly that you’ll have good orgasms. You seem very self reflective to me which is good and you will slowly gain your fun back.
      I know this sounds strange but I suggest you slowly leave this site alone because it might be refreshing old thoughts. Makes sense? Unless it doesn’t bother you of course, then you have useful information for others, thats for sure!

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      yeah definitely. If you keep a blank mind (be in moment) are orgasms still good for you? Is your sensitivity loss more related to the motion or both and orgasm. Had sex with a girl yesterday and the finish (pull out method) and didnt feel much BUT i was very hungover and usually i feel very little when in this state. I do feel psychologically is 99% of it, but i do feel they are getting better, like the feeling just prior to ejaculation feels very intense, then release obviously which i do believe is psychological for sure. Will stay on this forum definitely as not mentally fully back to normal, and caused this issue  caused me some major bouts of depression when the orgasms were complete shit. Also am still working on stretching to cure my phimosis and think it is slowly helping although may take months.

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    Well an update on this- i think sensitivity has come/ is coming back now as yesterday i managed to reach orgasm by literally just flicking/ rubbing the top of the frenulum scar area and it felt very very intense. Also masturbated today and throughout i felt my frenular area feels very sharp and pleasure focused there and the orgasm was very good. Although there was a little bit of blood not sure if due to have hard i was rubbing and my glans are slightly cut. Still i would recommend do not get this 0p as i 100% did lose sensitivity (pretty much complete numbness and mediocre orgasms) and i was depressed as fuck for ages. At the moment though pleasure seems as it should be (hopefully not temporary)- MARSILASRI; how is it for you?

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    Hey man,
    glad you’re getting better and keeping us up to date. It is very valuable information and many people don’t return after their initial post, so big thumbs up for that!
    Also, I really appreciate that you’re asking for how I am but honestly I cannot give you any update. I’m at a point where I’m not sure if it is actually a physical problem or just purely psychological for me.
    I have slipped into a depression which was attested by my physician as result of the surgery and not being able to cope with it. At some point (where I am right now) one cannot tell if anything got better because depression itself kills your “pleasure” psychologically.
    I have put the topic sex / masturbation aside for a moment and try to get out my depression as this seems more important right now.
    I hope guys will understand that this “surgery” isn’t just a simple cut through skin, but there is more behind it. I have spoken to roughly ~8 urologists, and every single one was telling me “Never heard any issues after that”… This is a lie!
    Before I was active in this forum, I was always reading Jims rants about doctors and that they are only up for the cash they get from surgeries. I was sceptical about these statements, but I completely understand them now.
    Anyway, you are getting better and thats a big signal of having your full sexuality back soon!
    Take care man

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      thanks for the reply, yeah i’d get that sorted asap as that will 100%  destroy sexual pleasure- psychological aspect for sure matters a lot. I hope mine regaining sensation is same for yours, as to the touch now mine is getting sharper- but the psychological damage is undisputed and i regret massively having the surgery still due to this, and the fact my frenulum remnant was numb for months. Unfortunately my phimosis is still not close to be fixed, and when pull my foreskin back as much as possible the penis bends a bit which is a bad sign that the operation didnt really fix my issue. Ill keep this thread updated because i dont think im fully healed yet still and might need to post regarding my phimosis soon if nothing changes. Orgasms do feel better though although mentally for sure but dont know if same as before operation but the fact i could orgasm through just frenular rubbing- and the next day when frenulum felt very sensitive (due to simulation and more than it does today for example), the orgasms were insanely good. Yesterday were good but not THAT good. Not sure it’ll be possible to get to that levels as not sure how sensitive the nerves will get

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    orgasms have gone to shit again i am in mental turmoil about this. Not even depressed just this area of my life gets me down. Is there no way to resensitise this area? I don’t know what to do

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      Therapy dude. Do it now before you lose more than only your Frenulum.

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      what do you mean? I dunno how much is mental to be honest its so annoying- does frenulum actually OBJECTIVELY contribute to orgasm intensity? have our frenulums been removed? Masturbating is still pleasurable just orgasm isnt. Are orgasms supposed to be really really good every time? Even when i thought i had recovered they were nothing special. Have yours improved?

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    the worst part is i cannot obviously remember the exact orgasm pleasure before frenuloplasty as its impossible to measure. I had one unreal orgasm the day after i managed to get myself off stroking the wound site. (over a month ago) It was unbelievable 10/10 orgasm when my frenular area was feeling very sensitive but havent come close since. Therapy isnt an option as its UK

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      Hey man, you seem way to controlling on “How good are my orgasms?”, “Is it as good as before?”, “Is the Frenulum important for orgasm”? Those question are completely irrelevant as no matter what the answers are you cannot change it. Do what you can change in this situation and it is your mind. That’s why I’m recommending you therapy, because your mind is something you still have control over, but not your Frenulum. That you’ve had a great orgasm explains that you are physically able to, but you are mentally killing it. The NHS has therapy too, so why wouldn’t it be not possible?

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    I just want to definitively know if its all in my head or the frenuloplasty butchered my sensation. I still orgasm just theyre rarely strong and feel something missing still. NHS waiting queues are very long but im seeing the urologist next month and so i will explain to him my issue. Have yours recovered? Its bad i even dream of frenulum

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      Can Frenuloplasty impact your physical sensation: Of course it can. Something got physically altered so how couldn’t it be?

      Can you still enjoy sex and regain your sexual pleasure as before: Of course, as it is your brain telling you what external stimulus is pleasurable and which one isn’t.

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    right ok so i did masturbate just then and the orgasm was strong! What i did differently was i completely relaxed my pelvic muscles/penis as usually id keep tensing it close to orgasm. Made a massive difference, and was similar to orgasms ive had in shower (where its harder to tense pelvic muscles stood up). Had no idea this factor could play such a role…

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    Hey everyone,

    Found this discussion page while doing a google search and wanted to participate as I will be having a frenuloplasty in approximately 48 hrs, in fact this is my second procedure as unfortunately the first surgery did not relief the tightness entirely and have decided to get it done again.

    I see where you are coming from in regards to loss of sensation, I have to agree that there is certainly a difference
    in sensation after a frenuloplasty, after all this is the most sensitive part of the male genitalia. Personally I have felt that the improved foreskin movement has actually contributed to
    the overall pleasure and have in a way countered the loss of
    sensation. I also think that it has made me last a lot longer
    in bed and do not have an orgasm too early which was a slight
    issue for me in the past as the frenulum was very sensitive for me.

    I am slightly nervous but also excited to finally resolve this tightness once and for all. I have not heard of anyone else who have required a second frenuloplasty so I am more than happy to share my experience and the outcome.


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      Hey Swede,

      good to have you on board. Since I have started this thread it has gotten from a personal story to a post full of useful information where everyone can research from. I want to wish you all the best for your second Frenuloplasty, I assume you have done your homework and looked into alternatives before going under the knife again 🙂

      In regards of foreskin movement, I think this is an important point. Personally I don’t have free movement which is why I think my loss of sensation is so significant. I have a slight phimosis which leads to the foreskin being stuck behind the glans so I need to actually use a little bit of “force” to have the movement. I am currently trying to cure it by applying 0.1% Bethametasone on my phimotic ring and hope I finally gain sensation back.

      I hope everything turns out good for you and keep us posted!

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    Yeah I still have a tight foreskin, although it feels a bit better. When I cure it the sensation will be so much better, and my frenulum is quite sensitive now. Think my issue is i am too tense near orgasm due to the intense sensations and i tense up, which ruins the sensation of release. When i was very hungover last saturday i had a really good orgasm and was totally relaxed. Still would never recommend this operation as frenular area was totally numb for a while, but hope it keeps getting better.

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    marsilarsi- do you have any update on it? For me its same old. Orgasms are sometimes good, sometimes shit- rarely incredible. I think about it every day though, and not one masturbation does it not creep into mind. Has stretching helped. I also still have phimosis and am going to the GP tomorrow to try and get steroid cream again.

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      Hi Isaac,

      Maybe go a week or two without masturbation, then go at it. I know when I take time off, orgasms feel incredible after not masturbating for 2 weeks.

      It is very hard to avoid masturbation for two weeks but the orgasms might be worth it 🙂

      Also, when I eat a lot of fast food (like McDonald’s, my orgasms feel better too) It sounds weird but all of those extra calories seem to help things a lot down there

      Good luck my friend 🙂


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      Hey Isaac,
      nothing new tbh. I am avoiding any sex related things as I feel exhausted and in despair afterwards thinking I killed my orgasms for life. I haven’t had any time to look for a therapist yet.

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    marsilarsi- i’ve started stretching again to try and finally cure my phimosis and ive noticed my frenulum remnant is becoming a lot more sensitive for sure. Might be worth a go? My orgasms seem improved too from this, the feelings are intense

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    Hey man, to be fair phimosis is slowly getting better with stretching, its very slow but foreskin is getting looser, and masturbation/ orgasm has improved a lot. I think one of the reasons a foreskin which barely moves is bad after frenuloplasty is as it barely gets any stretch. I’ve been depressed for other reasons tbh, hedonist treadmill is bad. Is yours improving?

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    Hey guys, I actually tore my frenulum almost completely through one night when I was drunk after masturbating. I do recall the blood and pain, and I didn’t think about it for a long time. It happened in 2010, and I met a girl in 2017 I really liked. I was intimidated by her and suddenly decided the tear had been why I was having problems sexually. I do remember physically the pull of the banjo string during sex, especially with smaller girls, but now that I’ve gotten over the “mind fuck” of it, I can say for sure it was in my head. Also, that pull was good, but now that my foreskin retracts more, there is a sort of slightly rough ridge on near the back of the topside of your glans, I guess I would say it forms the outline of the head before it becomes your shaft? You can arch yourself once you come out of your foreskin enough with a girl laying and you on your knees upright basically, and it feels as good or better than the banjo string. It also tends to make girls cum really easy because it strokes their g spot in a really nice way. I’m sure it is psychological, because the whole time I was convinced it had effected my erections / lasting power in bed, and not orgasm. We both blamed it on totally different things, and even the pelvic floor stuff is similar. Isaac and Mars, I’m 32, I wasted 2 years obsessed with this stuff, and I don’t want you guys to do the same. While you CAN get better results from looking into a pelvic floor issues and a book called “a headache in your pelvis” you will also discover that anxiety and worry constricts your pelvic floor muscles, because they sit along all of the inner penile muscles like a hammock encasing them. That’s why you’re having worse orgasms, and why you guys are having ups and downs with pleasure. I suffered and prayed and cried a lot about this, and another thing is, even though it all, my GF admitted to me that she really couldn’t tell the difference between my penis physically during all these different mindsets I had. That’s even more confirmation that it’s mental. Which is actually very normal. Men don’t discuss it, but most guys hit a “rut” where they have some thought in their mind ruin their sex life for a while. It can be beaten, but you have to get reacquainted with the mindset of just enjoying yourself / relaxing again. Surgery is traumatic, even if you’re asleep etc. It was traumatic to change your penis, and it’s OK that it was traumatic for you to go through that. It’s time to heal mentally from it and be happy, strong men again 🙂 You guys will be fine! If the glans doesn’t come out enough, work on stretches, and when it does, I promise you’ll find all the pleasure you’re feeling you lost!

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    <p style=”text-align: left;”>I was too suffering from the problem of missing frenulum sensitivity after my penile frenuloplasty until I decided to use surgical tape to “stick” my foreskin up on the glans approximately in the spot it was cut from. This way I managed to restore the feeling of the now loose frenulum to it’s previous tethering state, before I did the procedure. I used this method for 1 and a half years with no apparent problems. I applied the tape every night before sleep and until the middle of the next day it would come off mainly due to urine and due to the erections I would get during the day. I repeated this process every night and my erections were much more numerous than leaving the frenulum loose. Also the was no pain from this tape “stretching” my foreskin and my erections were much more pleasurable. Anyone of you guys did that or am I the only one that thought and done that?  Glad to hear from you!</p>

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    Arvanitis, what is the purpose of the surgical tape? I’ve re-read your post several times in an attempt to wrap my head around what you’re saying, but I must admit I don’t understand. Why would this technique restore the sensation? Did you come up by this yourself or did the doctor tell you to do so?

    Why specifially are you sticking this tape to the scarred area where you’ve been cut? I’ve had operation before and the surgeon told me to use tape to minimize stretching of the area and thus reduce scarring. But this doesn’t sound like that… Would be super happy to hear your explanation and why it helped 🙂



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    Also Arvanitis, did you sleep and walk around with your foreskin retracted because of the tape? If so, wasn’t that bothersome?

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    The tape just kept “mimicking” the adhesion the frenulum creates between the glans and the foreskin. Your are basically suturing the foreskin back in place with tape. That’s it. It was bothersome but also very addictive. I kept doing that for over 2 years. It was arguably the most addictive habit of my life. And no doctor told me to do this it was all my idea.

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    There is a surgery to extend frenulum I thought. Cutting is apparently every doctor’s first choice instead of last resort. My frenulum is like my G spot… I have climaxed just by rubbing on it.

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