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      Thanx a lot for creating this forum. I first read this forum before you closed it and that’s where I got all the info about gentle streching of the foreskin. I’ve been doing this for a month or so and now able to retract foreskin although only while my penis is not erect, which is ok since I see that with excersise it will eventually retract even while fully erected.
      What I noticed while having penis head open with forskin retracted is that head is very sensitive. Not that it’s painful to touch but very uncomfortable for sure, I can just feel it although I never actually touched it.
      Would you suggest anything here?

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      You are definitely not less fortunate

      You still have all your parts that are designed to work together in providing optimum pleasure. The fact that some need a little fine tuning is not unfortunate. It’s simply that you were not working with it early enough in life.

      Don’t give up on this now. It may take some effort and certainly total dedication is a primary ingredient, but you can do it.

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      Clooney SG

      Re: Sensitivity

      I have this problem too, but I was told that the penis glans would desensitize after a while. But just when is the ‘after a while?’

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      How long have you been able to retract?

      If you’re new to this, it will take some time, maybe several months. Some guys who have been cut tell us it is usually about two months of pretty intense feelings, and then it subsides from then on.

      Just work the skin back and forth more often and try not to baby the head. The more you handle it, the less of a problem it will be.

      Be sure you are not using soap to wash inside because that can cause medical problems which make it more sensitive.

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