Skin stretching over ring

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    Does this look ok?

    I am using ring 7 in the pic.

    Is this good that the skin is stretching over the ring?

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    No that’s not sat correctly. The skin needs to be around the ring on tnt phimotic band not over the top like that.

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    Sometimes it naturally moves over the ring.

    Does this mean I need a larger size?


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    I would have thought so ive never had it naturally go over i can make it do that if iwant it to but you feel no stretch.

    Try the next ring see how you get on. I would use the one you have now and make sure it sits right for 10 mins or so then try the next one so your skin is slightly stretched before doing it.

    The ring isn’t doing much if you don’t feel it stretching your skin.

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    If you fold your skin down, does the ring sit within the tight spot? Skin can slide over the ring and that is totally fine. It’s important that the ring is inside the tight spot.


    I can’t post a link here, but if you search for “Another look at the Phimocure ring when worn” on Youtube you can find a video which demonstrates this.

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    Probably. If you roll back the skin the ring should be under the thing ring.


    Here’s a video from it on Youtube;


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