Slight phimosis? Tried stretching but not very effective.

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    Hi. So, until my mid 30s I didn’t really realise that I might have a problem. When soft I can draw back my foreskin behind the glans to clean etc, but when erect it really used to hurt to retract it fully, the tightness seemed to be at the very opening, and I have caused small tears and redness when trying. When I was younger it didn’t matter much. I masturbated regularly and quite happily with the foreskin covering the glans. However, as I’ve got older the foreskin more easily draws back and gets stuck behind the glans during penetrative sex. It feels like my penis is being strangled and my frenulum feels stretched to breaking point. It’s become a real problem because now I am reluctant to have sex. Plus my current partner is very keen I be able to pull my foreskin right back, and wants me to have my frenulum cut.  Over the years I have tried some stretching – probably not regularly enough – to little effect, and it’s painful. It’s the ring of skin at the very end that feels tight, the finger stretch vids show the phi motif ring further down the foreskin. Any advice or ideas? 😃

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    Please tell us what you have been doing and how often.

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