Steroid ointment

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    I’ve used a steroid ointment named dermovate for about 10 weeks and I’ve gotten great results with it. While I can retract erect without much effort, the foreskin still doesn’t glide. I have to pull the foreskin up quite hard to get my foreskin back up completely.

    Can I continue using the steroid ointment after not using it for 2 months?

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    You probably should run that past your doctor, but it seems reasonable to be able to use it again. Understand that stretching is more effective than applying medicine.

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    How bad was your phimosis?

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    Patrick, it was pinhole phimosis. My phimosis was physiological.

    Jim, I do stretch while using the steroid ointment. My physician told me that if the steroids started having side effects, I should stop using until they went away, after which I could try again. I just dont want to overruse this medicine, considering how much damage it can do.

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