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    I have been stretching for the last 5 months or so and have struggled with finding the right ways and how long and what to use. Today i finally get to post something positive and help out those who are in the position that i was in for so long.

    I started with a foreskin that had an opening of maybe 3mm across and always ballooned when i urinated and today for the first time I managed to get a phimocure ring in and out.

    I have tried seemingly everything under the sun and have been set back too many times to count so after all that here is what i recommend.

    Start with two cue tips and use something that is very oily to lubricate it. I have used Bio Oil and it was about $10 and has lasted me for quite a while. I did about 3-4 sessions per day for 10-15mins per session and each week (about 3 weeks without a tear has got me here) or so i would have a 24 hour break to give my foreskin a rest. When stretching with the cue tips i recommend pouring a few drops of oil into the foreskin and then wetting the cotton part with the oil which helps with comfort and keeps things nice and moist. I would also say to insert the cue tips AT LEAST 1-2cm into the foreskin so you are stretching with the plastic and not the cotton part as i found this much more comfortable. Be patient and you will see results as long as you don’t rush it. You might not be able to see a size difference initially but things like urinating become easier.

    If you are too small for two cue tips try one and then grip your foreskin with your fingers on the other hand. This helped me for a day or two until i could get the second cue tip in.


    Of course i got excited and the first thing i did was buy the phimocure set but soon realised that wasn’t going to help any time soon so i bought an 8mm, 10mm and 12mm set of flesh tunnels off ebay. These are much softer than phimocure and have more of an arc shape with wide flaring. Much easier to get in however i think that the wide flares aren’t the best thing. Keep the sessions short(10-30mins) as my detriment for a good while was finding them convenient and comfortable so i would wear them for too long and get sore. This made taking them out very uncomfortable with the wide flared edges.

    I use betamethasone cream every night and apply it around the ring sparingly.

    I use the Bio Oil with and stretching and then after i will dab the area dry with a towel or a tissue and lightly apply some clomatrizole however not in excess to the point where it doesn’t all rub in.

    Hopefully someone finds this advice useful and good luck to all.

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