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      success story – motivation

      Reading this could change your life. Trust me. This is the comment many of you have been looking for. My success story. (This was my comment on a YT video thats why there’s stuff about links to this site etc) I’m going to start this off by saying no matter how bad you think you have it, if you start working on fixing it now, YOU WILL FIX IT. Absolutely no doubt. Just 2 months ago I had given up all hope, literally never been so depressed in my life, it was just so hard, and circumcision was the only way to fix this. Or so I thought. I’m going to tell you exactly what I did and how I did it, because I bet you’ve had enough of that “whatever works for you” crap (although true, the statement is literally no help at all). For years I’ve been struggling mentally and physically with phimosis. I’m 18 years old and about 3.5 months ago I’d just had enough I couldn’t go on with having it. I went to the doctors and got given steroid cream. For those of you worried about a physical examination, don’t worry they’ve seen worse, and also I didn’t even need one they just took my word for it. Once prescribed I went home and looked up some stretching exercises. After looking into it it seemed the “two finger method” was the best method (I will leave a link to a video on how exactly to do it below). However, like most of you, theres no way in hell I could do it since the opening was far far far too tight. So I began by just using some moisturizing cream, and pulling the foreskin apart from the sides from the outside. I found that way too hard as it just made it too slippery, no grip at all, and I felt sharp stinging feelings pulling the skin away from the glans (very very sensitive glans), I saw no progress, became very frustrated and gave up. A few weeks later, after I calmed my head I started again. I’m going to tell you what you have to hear. When it comes to the sensitive glans, you have to just MAN UP. I’m sorry there is no way around it. After a few days of stinging pains, it literally dies down so so quickly. Just brave it for a few days and soon sensitivity is no longer an issue. I changed my routine around. I began by applying a thin layer of steroid cream around the foreskin. I would then pull the foreskin back, literally just pull back normally until I felt mild discomfort and held it there. You will notice each time you go a tiny bit further back. I did this for about 20 mins in the morn and 20 in the night. Remember to give another 10-20 mins for it to soak in. Also after doing this I would have a play with the foreskin just pulling it forward to stretch it out. After 1.5 weeks, I was almost able to retract it fully over the glans flaccid! And that’s when I began using Q tips. What I did was retract the foreskin back (WITHOUT THE STEROID CREAM ON, can still apply lotion but I didn’t really), then place the q tips on the foreskin on the sides, release the foreskin and let it slide over the tips. Then, I would pull the q tips apart, and hold them for 45 with a little discomfort but not too much, and rest for 15. I would repeat this 5-6 times. Now remember to get the q tips about 1/3 of the way in; the target it not the very top of the foreskin, but the phimotic ring slightly lower down. It becomes more n more obvious where this is the more u stretch. Google phimotic ring and watch the video link below even if u cant get 2 fingers in to better understand where to stretch. Now, I would do this routine 4 TIMES A DAY. I would first do it in the morn, and then AFTER stretching APPLY STEROID CREAM, let this sink in for 10-15. Then stretch 2 more times spread out during the day, WITHOUT APPLYING MORE CREAM, and then one more time before bed, AND RE APPLY STEROID CREAM. So to summarize; . stretch, apply steroid cream . stretch .stretch . stretch, apply steroid cream   DO NOT FEEL THE NEED TO DO IT MORE. Trust me it will NOT speed up the progress. This method is designed so ur foreskin is being stretched consistently throughout the day. Don’t stretch it to the point of agony of where you think it will rip, but don’t stretch with no discomfort, some discomfort is OK!!! Don’t be put off it your foreskin turns red, that only means its been stretched out. However, If you see tears, take 2-3 days off, you wont lose progress, but if u think u have lost progress, trust me, after 1-2 more days of stretching youll be back to where u left off. Now, as the weeks went by (3 weeks ish) I was able to then fit 2 fingers in! This is where you progress at an unbelievable speed. To help with sensitivity, put the glans under the shower, or a cold tap. Smegma took weeks to get rid of, but the more u stretch/ run under shower/ rub off, the more it goes. I used the EXACT SAME timings, so 4 times a day and steroid cream twice, but with two fingers. I URGE YOU TO WATCH THE VIDEO I WILL LINK BELOW. Absolute perfect demonstration on how to do it. However I didn’t use any moisture lotion like the guy in the video and I still saw unbelievable progress. And that’s pretty much what I did to cure myself So overall it took 2.5 months of consistent stretching to get rid of it. Including the month of figuring everything out, and stressing etc, I’d say 3.5-4 months. Any questions Ill try to check back and answer. It has to be said you don’t need to do exactly this don’t be down if this doesn’t work the overall message is you WILL FIND something that works for you, this is what worked for me, and will likely work for you. From what I’ve read, steroid cream is what made this possible. But it isn’t to be applied for more than 10 weeks straight, and u havw to stretch alongside its use! No matter how much u think u have no chance, fucking believe me I was in that place only a couple months ago, YOU WILL CURE IT. Also, this website is pretty much what saved me. A forum with literally thousands of people helping eachother thousands of topics all about phimosis. I was amazed it took me so long to find it! DON’T GIVE UP. YOU ARE MUCH CLOSER THAN YOU THINK. Yes youll have times where u think theres no possible way to cure this, but trust me when I started off my foreskin opening was like the size of a 5p coin, even less. KEEP AT IT. THINK ABOUT HOW MUCH YOULL THANK YOURSELF IN A FEW MONTHS. GOOD LUCK. 2 finger stretch method: Website that saved me: (press on discussions) I’d also like to thank MUgen for this amazing video without this video I’d never had gotten anywhere. So informal and cuts all the bullshit! Straight to the point and honest. Thankyou so much, I never thought 3 months ago I’d be able to write a post like this and help others. I can now move on with my life and leave this stage behind. Bring on Uni in September! Mugen you’re a fucking hero mate.Good luck everyone!

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      It’s good to hear of success – it helps us that are on our journey’s with our own Phimosis – I’m lucky that, when soft, mine isn’t an issue – just won’t retract when hard which is what I want it to do so I can have my glans exposed and foreskin back when enjoying lovemaking with my partner without resorting to the surgeon’s blade!


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        if yours retracts while soft, then your half way there. mine didnt retract even while soft, with stretching i can now retract the skin while soft and erect.  so forget sergeons, all you need to do is stretch the skin daily, read this forum, you will find the best ways to do it.

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      ‘aj’ – thanks for the support – that’s my plan. I feel ready to start and have worked out what my phimotic ring is (believe me I had to work it out as I’m quite blessed size wise and, when flacid, have quite a fleshy foreskin!) and have now started to stretch things there.

      I have the ring kit and will be using those too – just not had much opportunity due to my work schedule nor any time to try the kit ‘for size’ just yet but that will change due to my extended summer vacation from work.

      Cheers FM!

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      Very inspirational!

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      1. Even I have the same penis the guy had in the video just stated doing the exercises from three days can’t wait for my penis automatically retract when erect, but I can’t pull back while erection just was masturbating with the skin onn,
      2. Even though my skin kinda pulls back when in non erect state I have a roll of skin under the head like a bunch which I can push back easily ,will there will be skin after I can freely move around my penis???
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      “I did this for about 20 mins in the morn and 20 in the night. Remember to give another 10-20 mins for it to soak in.”

      Just to clarify, what you mean by soak in? Do you mean apply the cream, wait 10-20 minutes for it to soak in, and then stretch? Or do you mean apply the cream, stretch, and then wait 10-20 minutes for it to sink in (in which case I’m not sure why would you wait instead of just going about your day)?

      “I would first do it in the morn, and then AFTER stretching APPLY STEROID CREAM, let this sink in for 10-15”

      Also, how come you transitioned to applying the cream after stretching instead of before? Most places I’ve read say to apply the cream and then stretch.

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      Does anyone know if we can get the steroid cream online? Seems kinda messed up that we need a prescription for something that ome of us are insecure about.

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        I got cream prescription with out going to the doctor. I can explain how you can get it easily.

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      About a year ago I began manual stretching on a consistent basis.  I would aim for 5 minute sessions, twice a day at the very minimum.  Most days I could get 3 or 4 sessions in.  The two finger stretch was my method of choice, I have not used any devices or kits for assistance.  For a short time I was prescribed a steroid cream, but found I was getting balanitis from it (or so it seemed) so I discontinued.

      My phimosis was quite mild.  At first I could not retract while flaccid, but was able to get two fingers in for stretching.  Fairly quickly I was able to retract flaccid.  I had a few incidents where the foreskin became stuck, but was able to roll it back over within a few minutes.  As time went on retraction became easier and I no longer had to worry about a stuck foreskin.  Months down the road I was able to retract erect.  Slowly, retraction became easier and is now to the point that it’s retracting naturally, without any intense strain required.

      As the original post stated, if you put your mind to it and have some patience and dedication, you will see results.  There were times I felt I wasn’t making progress, but once you reach the major milestones, it will boost your confidence and allow you to realize that stretching does work, you just have to keep working at it.

      My GP wasn’t overly talkative about the subject, prescribed the cream and sent me on my way.  A urologist said the only options are to leave it alone because it was a mild case or circumcision.  I told him up front that I was not interested in circumcision and I have a feeling he would not be extremely open to the manual stretching technique, so I dropped the subject.

      So for all of you that are going to have a go at stretching or are feeling a little down over progress, just remember it takes patience.  All the knowledge and support from this forum is also a huge help.  It’s all worth it in the end.

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      Of course circumcision is always the first line of treatment for physicians who don’t know better. Who knows how many of those are cut… think how biased on their recommendation  they can be cause in their eyes being cut is “healthier”… trust your instincts before anything. And in this era of digital information there is no excuse to say “I didn’t know about that”… this forum and many others are available to all, but we need more. And wish medical Associations around the world were more proactive about phimosis and its definition. Australian children hospitals for example educate new parents with vital information regardreg the natural development of foreskin, while AAmericans seek for recommendation of circumcision to avoid phimosis… which is actually by anxious parents and doctors who forcibly retract the foreskin causing tearing leading to scarring.

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      I am real scared. I am 23 and my foreskin doesn’t retract even when flaccid. I have been stretching everyday for a couple of days and can see the top of my glans (like pee hole + a little bit). I really want this fixed so I can clean my penis. What exact stretches do I do, I cant fit two fingers in my penis. I tried with Q tips but that shit hurts. Pleas help

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      @guest why are you scared? And only after “few days” you expect results? Took years for your skin to narrow down, will take time to resolve it.

      In the meantime try to pee a little while pinching foreskin to make a balloon effect then release… will rinse out debris in there. The penis is a self cleansing organ. If by 23 never had irritation or infection then you are safe.

      Would be helpful to see pics of how tight your foreskin opening is.

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      Photo of my penis


      This is as far as I can go while flaccid, and it wont event move when erect. Unsure of a proper stretching routine. I cant fit two fingers in so have been using q tip method. How many times per day and for how long do I do this for?

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      I am not familiar with the techniques. But you shouldn’t be “scared”. You have a much better opening than more severe cases nearly shut.

      Perhaps check out this guy’s journey to resolve his phimosis

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      The technique involves applying mile tension to the opening. Grasping and pulling apart is the easiest. Doing it four times per day will give good results. Also look at Your foreskin appears to be ideally suited for the rings.

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      The technique involves applying mild tension to the opening. Grasping and pulling apart is the easiest. Doing it four times per day will give good results. Also look at Your foreskin appears to be ideally suited for the rings.

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      Hey guys,


      really glad you are both here and replied so quickly – like seriously dont take this lightly i’ve been experiencing a lot of bad shit lately and feel like ive got no where to go.


      ok so back to my situation. Thing is, I cant have anything delivered to the house as I live with my family and I don’t want them seeing any of it. So, I am willing to stretch 4 times daily, but is this truly will solve the situation? Does stretching work like that well and how long does this take I like setting goals, I know it can be hard to estimate but from your experience and when I am currently at what do you think? Also I heard doing the two fingers where I pinch with my thumb and finger and pull apart 20x for 20s each time each session? Is that a good routine? Keen to hear from you, thanks again. You guys are going to be my actual life savers. No kidding, stay safe to all.

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      <p style=”text-align: center;”>Could you please start fresh with a new thread? State your present state snd we’ll go from there.</p>

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      Hello — as I use slightly bigger rings, I can see inside my foreskin more clearly — its all white scaly skin, some of it seems to be sticking to glan. Will that go away? Is that old smegma deposits that will go away?

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