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      Why doesn’t someone make a webpage with guidelines and instructions for each of the various stretching exercises? It seems that in the Male-initiation net forum you guys are always explaining the same thing over and over again.

      I have just started stretching although I first came across the idea in the forum a few months ago. I really hope this works

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      Thanks for the suggestion

      One of the challenges is, of course, the time it take to get that all together. We’d still have to direct traffic for each individual to be able to find it, so doing this on an individual basis is working for now. The guys who are asking for the advice seem to like the personalized attention. However, your suggestion would be a time saver, as most of the problems are all the same one with different people attached to them.

      If you are persistant, you will have success. Do the exercises several times per day and don’t miss any days. Once you get to where you should be, continue for another couple of months. From there on it’s just using it.

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