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    Today I, as a 16 year old from UK , just got a Preputioplasty done on the NHS by an excellent doctor. I have been fighting this for a couple years, and I know that surgery was my only option left , however I wasn’t ready for a circumcision . I advice you keep stretching until you are certain that doesn’t work anymore like I was. I will keep you updated


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    So..hows it going?

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    What help are you seeking?

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    One thing I don’t get from young men seeking to be “fixed” is why they do it? To be ready for sex? To look like all the rest of “normal” guys?

    Before any treatments you gotta ask yourself why you wanna do it. If you have no issues with your penis then you are seeking to change for the wrong reasons.

    Unless you have a “pinhole” phimosis case that keeps narrowing and preputioplasty won’t work then get circumcised… But gotta weight in the pros versus cons. Most untrained doctors on phimosis only think circumcision will fix you… but no one thinks of what you lose with it.

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