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    Ive been using the smallest ring from Phimocure for a few days; it goes in and out without any problem… I don’t know if it still is stretching enough?


    When I use the second smallest ring it does go in okayish, but coming out is an hell. And also I can feel it sitting in constantly. Is that what you want? It’s not really painful (except taking it out), but just a noticeable discomfort.


    Should I stick to the first ring or is this providing the stretch I need?

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    That’s the feeling i get with the rings when i first start. Im not sure its right but surely you got to take a little pain to get the gains? I started on ring 5 now on ring 8 almost 9. 8 used to really hurt taking it out but not so much now.

    I would persevere with ring 2 for now and hopefully it gradually eases and you can continue to move up.

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