Think I lost my progress

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    Stretching was going well but it seems to have closed up again. Stretched the other day and the day after I had pain and stings, I still have it now. It feels like cuts but I obviously can’t see under the foreskin to know.

    I feel it’s a bit pointless to keep going, I could be causing scarring and not even know.

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    Treat for yeast, two times per day, for two weeks. Use a Q-tip to reach the iside parts. Do not use soap on your penis. Get a regular program established. You need to stretch for times per day, five minutes each time.

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    I was stretching with Phimocure but have to take a break until this heals. It’s too stingy to keep stretching.

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    If you’re using yeast cream, symptoms should subside in 3-4 days, but keep treating 10-14 days.

    Be sure to take regular breaks from wearing the ring. 1-2 hrs max.  Watch it closely to determine your own tolerance. Rest 1/2-1hr between stretching.

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    Do you think it’s yeast and not tears? Also does yeast cream thin the skin?


    I only used phimocure twice a day for an hour each time. It was working as after using it I seen more of the head than I ever did in my life.

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    The tears are caused by yeast.

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    I must’ve irritated it because it’s sore again. The yeast cream feels like burning. Is there a tablet I can take instead?

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    Oral treatment might not be as effective. Try another formulation.

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    I think I’m worse of now than I was before I started stretching. It’s tighter and the ring is really thick now. Really gutted

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    Get that yeast under control. Don’t use soap to wash.

    Are you taking antibiotics? They can cause yeast.

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    I never put soap near the opening. It’s a few weeks now with this. The cream just feels like it burns me. I am not on any meds. Might have to go to the doctor.

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      Could be a reaction to the cream.

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    Where does it feel like burning? On the cuts?

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    Thing is I can’t see cuts? It feels like cuts and raw/burning. I tried getting a different cream but they don’t have one so I need meds.


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    Hmm yes could just be a reaction. Whenever I use the cream it never burns even on cuts. Does it burn inside and out?

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    Jimbob what does the cuts look like? I can’t see anything. I’m really confused. I know I hurt my frenulum by stretching so I think it’s too short so stretching might not be an option for me.

    It burned inside and on outer foreskin. I havn’t used in 2 days, just washing it now and I took a yeast tablet today. It’s been fine the last 2 days.


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    It’s really frustrating that I seemed to have lost everything though. Like I was getting maybe halfway down while flaccid after I used phimocure. I was thinking this might actually work but I think I did more damage than good.


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    You will know if you have tears/cuts they are really obvious. I’ve got 2 fairly big ones which are taking a bit of time to close on the outside and there’s definitely one inside (as it stings to urinate).

    However applying the cream actually soothes, never stings.

    I can only retract flaccid in the bath right now, which is annoying because my problem only ever used to be when erect, but i think having ignored this apparent thrush i have for as long as i have has just made the situation worse. Although it does appear as though it’s improving.

    Does it only sting with cream? Not to urinate or anything else? If so it must just be a reaction to it. Has the cream always done it?

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    It did sting to pee a few times. No the cream helped the first week and other times it was ok too. I don’t see cuts so I don’t know if it’s that but it did feel like cut/raw. I’m ok the last day 2 days. I just can’t do anything to irritate it.

    If I wait this out and it happens again I’ll prob go for a circumcision. I have already enquired about a consult just to see.

    The foreskin seems to have thickened up around the ring, is yours like that?


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    Yes very much so. Is it white in colour as well? Since using the thrush cream however I have had a lot of peeling which has brought back my normal colour and it doesnt look as thick. It looked almost swollen and puffy before.

    I’d almost say for sure you have thrush, I use a q-tip to apply cream inside the foreskin and then just use my fingers outside. After urinating I always wash with water and dry with tissue.

    what brand of thrush cream do you use? I don’t know if others contain different ingredient which might help you? Avoid stretching at all costs if you have cuts or sore. I will not resume until all cuts are gone and thrush symptoms also. I’ve been using thrush cream for a week and a half now and will probably continue for a week after all symptoms are gone just to be sure

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    Was using canesten. No I don’t have peeling and I can’t see white either. There is no visable signs of anything other than the foreskin closing and being thicker.

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    Perhaps not thrush then. But i guess everyones symptoms are different. Only other thing to look at is BXO (lichen sclerosus?)

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      I don’t know. Hope not

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    Perhaps not what you want to do but perhaps a photo could help to diagnose what you have?

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    If I could PM you I would lol. I don’t want everyone to see.

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      Understandable bud. What i would say is don’t give up and try whatever alternatives are out there.

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    Thanks. Just have to wait for a few weeks though, it’s stings to try to pull back even a bit so don’t want to even try right now.

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    I feel fine again, the foreskin is back to being looser. Should I start stretching or is it too soon? Should I wait a bit longer just in case?

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      Start now.

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    Back to ring 3 and it was fine to put in but it actually hurt once I got it in. I don’t know if I’ll be able to continue with them. It wasn’t like that before.

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      I find making my foreskin wet and the ring it all goes a bit more smoothly. As disgusting as it sounds i use my saliva and works well for me.

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      Haha. Getting them in isn’t in the issue. I had it in for 30 min yesterday and I had to take it out, and right now my foreskin is still uncomfortable because of it. I don’t think I can’t put a ring in today as I don’t want to make it worse.

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      Did you use the cream after? I find that very soothing after i get sore. I dont touch it again for a day if i make myself sore and tends to be ok the day after.

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      No I used coconut oil to put it in and then just cleaned it off after I took it out.

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      Does anyone know what that cream is anyway?

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    Warm up the skin before inserting the ring. Do some finger stretches.  A warm bath mught help too.

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    Persevere mate and you’ll get there. Mine wasn’t as severe as yours but you notice a difference with the rings.

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    <p style=”text-align: left;”>How you getting on mate?</p>

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    Yeah I’m back on the rings. I’m using warm water to loosen the skin and then coconut oil before I put one in. I think I’m on ring 3/4. Not sure which. I’ll have to look lol

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    I started on 4 and now going into 9. Do you put the ring in a couple times a day?

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    I had it in 3 times yesterday. I got up to 6 before and it was great. Don’t think I’d ever get 9 in, I tried 7 and it hurt.

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    It will hurt as you are stretching it. The 9 when i did it really hurt me lol. You should try and make 6 your only ring now for a few weeks and try 7 when 6 starts to feel looser .

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    I’m not on 6 anymore, that was before I got the infection.

    Still on 3/4.

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    Oh sorry mate just caught up again. You’ve done it once you’ll do it again 👍🏼

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