Tight frenulum

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      So I previously had a tight forskin, and successfully managed to stretch to the result I wanted. It took some time and effort but am glad I persevered with it.
      Unfortunately I have not had anything like the same with my tight frenulum. Believe me it’s not through lack of trying. I’m at a stage now where I honestly don’t think stretching is going to do it for me. I’ve read about the tying technique, it seems like a good option but no doctor will do it and I can’t see me attempting it myself. I’m now thinking frenoplasty is my only option. This option does worry me slightly, some people seem negative or positive on it. I’m open to suggestions or constructive criticism, I’m just feeling like I’m at the last of my options.

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      Can you get a non squeamish friend to help you out??

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      <p style=”text-align: center;”>It’s not so much that I’m squeamish to do it myself, I’m just wouldn’t want get it wrong. Maybe I’m over thinking it and it’s a simple process?</p>

      have you tied yourself? Would be interested to hear your and other people experience of it.

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      Are you able to grasp both ends of your frenulum?

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      Would be interested in a response to this. I have a scarred frenulum thats too short (currently steroiding it). Is tying a real solution? If so, why would it not be a medical practice as treatment for this?

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