Tight Frenulum Makes Rings Difficult

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    I have owned a Phimocure kit for about 8 months now but not gone up a single size and honestly have the phases where I’ll try use them every day and then just stop for a month or so because my issue is: If I put a ring size in that feels any tension and is going to stretch, it’s WAY too big for my tight frenulum and it just slips it out (the frenulum slowly retracts until it just pushes the ring out). However, if I use a ring small enough the frenulum doesn’t push it out- it’s so small that it’s just doing nothing.

    I know my Phimosis isn’t that bad to start with. I can fully retract whilst flaccid (other than the head bending over from the frenulum) and when erect the head comes out 50% (again the frenulum), but I still want to fix it as I just don’t like the idea that if a girl just pulls it back or during sex I’ll be in pain and I REALLY want to leave circumcision as a last resort.

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    maybe you have extremely short frenulum

    i noticed that the ring pulls my frenulum when i wear it and it makes things even more uncomfortable but it also stretches the frenulum


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    <p style=”text-align: left;”>what is a frenulum?</p>
    I think mine is too short.

    How can I stretch it to make putting in bigger rings easier?

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