Tight frenulum? (Pics)

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    Hi Guys.

    I recently went to see a Urologist for mild phimosis, i can almost pull the foreskin over the head but not even close when erect. He advised daily stretching for the foreskin, I asked about the frenulum and he said it isn’t too bad and daily stretching could be fine. He advised just keep stretching for six months with prescription cream and then we’ll re-evaluate. Do you think it’s too tight? It doesn’t feel painful or uncomfortable it just looks tight, any advice?

    Thanks guys!


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    the doctor gave you good advise and you will have results, stretching worked for me, i was not able to pull the skin back even when soft, so it was worst than yours, now i can pull the skin back while erect up to the base of the head just like yours in the pic, but even while fully erect.  so be patient and do what the docor suggested.

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    <p style=”text-align: left;”>Bewary of the “re evaluation”… since it seems many doctors tell guys who didn’t improve after 6 months that they MUST BE CUT… you look fine so please don’t consider surgeries that will only harn you long term.</p>

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