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      Hey guys,

      I don’t know if this is relevant here. But i can stretch my foreskin beyond the head with some discomfort. But when i have sex i am unable to come. The process last longer than half an hour. But with foreskin intact i come within 2 mintues. An advice for a newbie.

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      so if I understand , you are able to come if you keep the foreskin over the head, if you pull it back your unable to come.  can you come with your hand with the skin pulled back?

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      Had the exact same issue you’re having and my cause was the discomfort while retracting and anxiety. I was told that as soon as you feel pain/discomfort, you’re unable to feel pleasure.

      Is your head oversensitive? can you play with the exposed head when it’s properly lubricated? if not, you should work on that.

      You should also continue stretching because as long as it’s not without discomfort, you’re not really done.

      Good luck

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