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      [Update] My phimosis stretching progress pictures (Ring #6)


      I’m back with my late phimosis picture progress update at the sixth ring. I’m already at the end of the seventh ring, so I’ll update this picture very soon. I hope it motivates you.

      [linked image]

      For information, I changed my routine. My previously routine was a two weeks routine, but after two rings with this routine I felled some little pain because it was too fast, so I decided to change for a three weeks routine for more safeness. So now I will update my progression every three week, except the next ring probably in one week because I post this one late.

      My three weeks routine :

      Note : Use inferior ring between each session, for keeping an entire day stretching.

      Day 1  : 3x10min
      Day 2  : 3x15min
      Day 3  : 3x20min
      Day 4  : 3x30min
      Day 5  : 3x45min
      Day 6  : 3x1h00
      Day 7  : 3x1h20
      Day 8  : 3x1h45
      Day 9  : 3x2h15
      Day 10 : 3x2h50
      Next one week and a half : Entire day session. Not during the night, thats mean approximatively 15 hours per day. Continue entire day session until you can remove the ring very easily without bending (That’s my personal trick to know if you’re ready for the next ring), and after that, use the next ring repeating this routine.

      Good luck ! See you soon.

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      Re: [Update] My phimosis stretching progress pictures (Ring #6)

      It’s so obvious that I didn’t say I’m using silicon stretching ring (Phimocure).

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      how did you put it in?

      hi, i was wondering if you could make a video on how to insert the ring? the video was too short in one of the thread on how to stretch and had no idea how he put it in with no pain.

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      Re: how did you put it in?

      matsumoto,You just have to fold the ring, insert it, and release it slowly. Even if you release too fast it should not hurt you. If it hurts, is that it is too big, try a smaller ring.

      The whole operation is explained with images on the Phimocure site.

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      Great Progress

      Awesome progress Ferald. Its good to see results. Im sure it inspires a lot of people on here.

      Im currently onto the 26mm tunnel myself. Started off at 7mm and its been a few months so Im really happy with the progress.

      I would definitely recommend Phimocure to anyone on this forum.

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      though it feels great

      Your progress & dedication is definitely great. That brought you such good progress.

      Despite so, the rapid progression / stretching has caused cracks / dermal atrophy which is distinctly visible in your 6th photo. These cracks are very unsightly & rough to touch. That’s why it’s important to do a more gradual routine inspire of the desperation to bring results quickly. Though this is more of a cosmetic problem, it still is a damage to the collagen & structure of the skin, which I believe should be avoided.

      Otherwise, keep up with it.

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      Re: though it feels great

      Rex, I’m not sure my cracks are due to a too fast stretching, but due to a little old yeast infection that I will cure. But it’s good to say don’t stretch too fast for avoid cracks or other problems.

      Nic, Yes Phimocure is a great stretching tool. I can’t believe that some people stretch there phimosis just with there fingers.

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      Re: though it feels great

      This is my first post, your thread and progress is quite encouraging. I always wanted to try the Phimocure but didn’t want to pay the price, so I purchased a set of silicone flesh tunnels and I think they’ve been working well.

      I started out with the small 6mm tunnel and it kept falling out, thinking I was doing it wrong but in fact it was just too small. I know I am using the right size when it can stay in comfortably by itself. I keep it in 2-3 hours a day, sometimes more, and hope to keep it in at night too to speed up the progress.

      Good luck with your progress and I’ll be looking out for your updates!

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      Re: though it feels great

      In that case, you need to first rid your yeast problem. It’s going to cut down your results / progress. Cracks are going to be painful anyway

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      Re: though it feels great

      Thankyou Ferald – this is a great thing you are doing. We can link many future users to your post to demonstrate what is possible – scientific proof.

      Hope things get better in your personal life too.

      One thing I wonder. I dont know if you know but I have a theory that certain masturbation techniques can lead to phimosis – see my blog :http://uktightforeskin.blogspot.co.uk/

      So just wondering what your technique is? Maybe the cracked appearance of the skin could be due to rubbing?
      Or yes, it could be a skin disease such as yeast.

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      time/ soreness

      Hey ferald, great progress. Im just starting out on the second to bottom ring. Ive got a few questions for you if you don’t mind. How long a day was you leaving your ring in? And was there any soreness the day after when you went to put it back in?


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      Hi, I was using the 26mm ring for 1 hour but after removal Of the ring I had a persistent pain for hours. Is this because I am using a larger ring? And should I wait until the pain goes away? I don’t see any redness or tears though.

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