URGENT: Bent frenulum

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    <p style=”text-align: left;”>Hi guys</p>
    Do I need a frenuloplasty to straighten and stretch my frenulum to allow foreskin retraction? In the pic below that is as far as I have ever been able to retract (flaccid AND erect).

    I do use a prescribed steroid cream occasionally but it is difficult to get on the inside of my foreskin. Also another issue, if I try to pull back further, my foreskin rolls in on itself if I leave it untouched once pulled back. Is this caused by my frenulum and will a frenuloplasty also resolve that?


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    You can do it with several months of manual stretching both with retracted and by pulling up while covered in the bottom part . You can also do tying but have a non squeamish friend do it as it is difficult on your own but it may not be in your case either . It takes effort and some time.


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    I have another question. I have used soap and warm water to clean the foreskin but I have had recurring balanitis/irritation like symptoms every few months and I think this could be related to the soap (I use Dove btw). Am I just better off cleaning with warm water down there?

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    Soap seems to be a big no go for some so probably best to avoid it especially if you are showing some symptoms of irritation. Lots of water should do

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    I’d say the soap isn’t helping you

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    What is this small red spot near my meatus? Also my meatus in general is quite a deep red. When I do retract my foreskin a little further while flaccid, occasionally I see the skin looks very slightly blotchy (greyish red). Also I cannot touch it or any of the glans for more than a few seconds.

    Picture below:


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