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    P Bob

    Hi everybody

    I’ve been using my Phimocure kit for about 3 days. I started with ring #3. I believe I’ve got the ring placed so the phimotic band is being stretched, however I don’t feel a ‘stretch’. Neither pain nor discomfort. Also, the glans are exposed just enough that I do not need to fold the ring. I just push against the glans so it can seat underneath the phitomotic band.

    I tried to move up to ring #4 but I am finding it difficult for the ring to seat underneath the phimotic band. Looks likes the ring sits right on top of the phimotic band and the rest of skin just folds over it. I do fold the ring to attempt to seat it underneath the phimotic band

    Anyone have any advice?

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    You are right, its very important to be stretching the actual phimotic ring. Sometimes you may be better off sticking to the smaller size rather than using a bigger size and not correctly targeting your phimotic ring.

    I think attempting to fit the ring (even size 4) under the phimotic ring is completely safe, the bigger issues is will you actually get it under there or not.

    I have even had the large rings positions between the glans and the foreskin, with the phimotic ring completely on the other side (Still not been stretched effectively. If this happen to you at any stage and get seems a bit stuck, have a warm shower and then put coconut oil or sex lubricant in the general area, it will come out eventually with maybe just a bit of discomfort to the glans.

    I started out with Phimcure, and to be honest, I cant remember how I progressed up the rings. Now I can get 2 fingers in, 2 fingers seems like the best option once you can do that.

    You could try this. put lub on the phimcure ring and as much of your glans as possible. pull back your foreskin, if even only a little bit. Squash the phimcure ring, and push it into your glans while sliding the foreskin forward. Try and get the foreskin (and the phimotic ring) around the phimcure ring, then quickly stop squashing the ring. You could experience a fair bit of discomfort trying this in particular if your glans a sensitive.

    These 2 videos may be relevant to you

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      P Bob

      Yes, my glans are sensitive but I’ve still got ring #4 on, even though I don’t feel a stretch. The other night, I was pulling back on my foreskin while erect and I noticed I was able to pull the foreskin down slightly, and I mean oh so slightly, more so than usual. So, I believe the ring is working, but just a teeny bit. I’ve also started frenelum stretches as well.

      I dip the ring in coconut oil and pull my foreskin down and push the ring against my glans. Again, with ring #4. And I don’t need to fold the ring to do so.  Later on tonight or tomorrow I will try ring #5 with the method you suggested.

      Your video with the perfume with the condom was very helpful. I hope people with excess foreskin, like myself, find it useful

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      P Bob

      I want to correct something, I started with ring #3, not #4 and in my reply to Sam, I meant I had ring #3.

      Now, I successfully put ring #4 in using your method, Sam. I still don’t feel a stretch but I’m going to use ring #4  for a few days and see if I can use ring #5 with no issues. Yes my glans were a bit sensitive but not too bad.


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    P Bob

    I moved up to ring #5. I can pull my foreskin further back than I’ve ever been able to. I stop when it gets tight, otherwise I risk not being able to put the foreskin back and stuck underneath the glans

    I’ve noticed there’s some white, with a slight tint of yellow, crud on my part of glans I’ve recently been able to expose. I believe that crud is smegma I remember reading on the old phimosis forum(network54) that one can rub coconut oil on the smegma to remove it. However, after 2 days, I haven’t been able to remove it. Makes me believe what I see is actually balanitis on my glans. If you guys need pics, I can provide some.

    That being said, ring #5 keeps coming loose. Looks like I have to upgrade to ring #6. Do I proceed with the phimocure kit? Or first worry about if its either smegma or balanitis?

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    P Bob

    I purchased from Amazon a cream called terrafil, that states to relieve balanitis(key word is relieve, not cure). I have been using it for 3 days straight, 2-3 times a day. I’ve applied the cream to my glans and other times during the day I rub coconut oil or anti fungal cream on my glans. I’ve noticed the bad smell when I first was able to pull my foreskin back the most I am able to, is no longer present.

    What I do is grab some q tips, and dip them in whatever I will be applying and rub the stuff on my glans. For the parts of the glans that aren’t exposed, I ‘push’ the q tips into the foreskin allowing me to rub the unexposed glans. Sensitivity is going away. Now as I rub the glans I feel an overwhelming sense of pleasure with the slightest hint of discomfort if I rub to vigorously.  If I continue, I’m sure it will soon be strictly pleasure.

    I will continue updating. I hope people are finding this info useful. Oh and I am on ring #6. Still don’t feel a stretch but I obviously what I am doing is working so I will continue and hopefully go on to ring #7

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    P Bob

    So I uploaded 2 pictures  that’s the most I’ve ever been able to retract my foreskin. Thanks to Phimcure and applying coconut oil or the previous mentioned cream to my glans.

    How’s my gland looking? It doesn’t look right to me with that purple color on the corona and whiteish area in the middle. 

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      Im not sure about the colour. I know some guys glans change colour when erect. Also I think inner foreskin is usually a lighter colour. What do other guys think? Maybe its ok?

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    Use the ring which fits.  Even if you don’t feel much of a stretch, the ring is working.  Trying to move up in size too soon can cause injury.  Doing some manual stretching along with the rings should help you.

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