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    This is a video of my stretching technique. This video might not apply to every guy, but could provide useful information. If you have any questions or comments about the video, please use the comment feature in youtube.

    The intention is to slowly add useful videos to our youtube channel at

    Feel free to subscribe to channel for updates.

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    Perfect demo!!

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    Thanks for posting this great vid!

    This, along with other info here, legitimately changed my mind about getting a circumcision (which a urologist told me I need to have done asap).

    I found your video particularly compelling in this regard because I guess my stage of phimosis seems to be pretty similar to your own; thus, if you can fix yours this way, I can fix mine! I really, really want to avoid surgery if possible and am furious I was not even informed of other conservative options (WTF!!) My already low faith in the medical institution just reached a new all-time low.


    Some questions for you:

    • Have you successfully fix yours? It’s a bit unclear to me if this is a post-success demo to help others, or rather a still-in-progress demo.
    • I can see that, like me, you can easily retract when flaccid. However, your foreskin does seem to be a bit further along than mine in terms of width–thus I’m wondering if you’re already able to retract a bit when erect?  If so, how long did it take you to get there? I’m only just starting with proper stretching, and mine still gets stuck on the glands about halfway at most whilst erect (and the few times it’s gone all the way over in my life incidentally during sex it felt frightening, but luckily I quickly got it back over).
    • Are you also using a steroid cream? Do you deem this helpful/necessary?
    • And what about the Phimocure rings as a method of passive stretching while you do other things. Wouldn’t that be much easier than this? Or is it not as effective?

    I would very much appreciate your reply and info. Also, any other tips you have for a newbie stretcher with a similar case to your own would be great!

    Many thanks in advance 🙂

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