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    After my successful frenuloplasty, another problem has occured. It seems that the meatus is creating a lump of skin on the foreskin right under my scar. It is growing larger day by day. I’m pretty sure it’s that because the lump fits perfectly into the urethra opening when cover my glans. Anyone have an idea what is causing that? I have been searching all over the internet for any cases like mine but it seems like I’m the only one…

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    Hi s09127,

    when the surgeon/urologist does the Frenuloplasty he has to hold the two ends of your Frenulum to spread it in order to cut through it.

    They use medical pliers to do that and as a result one has small lumps on the top and botton (where the Frenulum was hold during the procedure). Usually these lumps reduce over time but they can still be noticeable.
    Some urologist cut them off later for a more aesthetic result and some won’t.
    If I were you I wouldn’t cut them off as every bit of your foreskin is sensitive. Especially the bottom part is where the frenular delta is located and I wouldn’t want to snip something away there for aesthetics.
    I hope this answers your question. How did it work out in general? Are you happy with your Frenuloplasty.

    Take care,


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