What can be done to stretch the frenulum to avoid future cuts?

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      My first post.

      As the title says do you guys have any tips for that? I was advised to go to this forum from Reddit/circumsition . I do not have Phimosis or short frenulum (I believe). However, from time to time I get cuts on the frenlum causing pain and discomfort and forced breaks from sex.

      I have previously talked to a surgeon about frenoplasty, but he advised me against it, as the cuts were miniscule in his opinion. Now after asking around I ended up here as I heard there are ways to increase the elasticity or length (?) of the frenulum making it less prone to future injury or more robust at least. I can already see white skin forming around where my most recent cut is, could it perhaps be scar tissue?


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      <p style=”text-align: center;”>You may have a yeast problem causing those cuts. Stop using soap to wash internal parts. Doing so kills beneficial bacteria, allowing yeast growth. Treat with Clotrimazole twice daily for ten days. Athlete’s Foot cream will work.</p>
      Stretching is best done by grasping both ends of the frenulum and gently pulling apart. Hold up to five minutes four times per day. If the end inside your foreskin can’t be gripped, grasp the end under meatus and pull out from body.

      Try this and report back on how it works.

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      How long should I do this routine before I will see results in your opinion?

      What do you mean by pullingĀ  out from the body?

      Yesterday i tried to gently pull down the skin to which the frenulum is attached so it ends up putting gentle pressure on the frenulum whilst I’m erect. I believe it is the same as pulling the frenulum in both ends?

      I rarely wash under the foreskin with soap, if I do I use special intimate soap. I do rinse with water almost daily however.

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      It takes about six weeks for new cells to mature. Because there are limits to how much you can stretch tissue without damage, the time required depends upon how much growth needed for comfort. My guess us, not much. However, for any success, plan on six weeks.

      Standing, facing a wall, you would be pulling bottom of your foreskin toward the wall. Make sense?


      Don’t use any cleaner. Just water. A little bit of yogurt under foreskin helps restore needed bacteria.

      Don’t cause pain.

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