Whats this on my foreskin?

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    Good afternoon,

    I have been to the doctors for the first time recently which has taken me years of courage to go and do. They didn’t tell me i needed to be circumcised (like a lot of you seem to get) i got told if its not causing me pain or discomfort to just use lube during intercourse and live with it.

    I then stumbled across this group. I bought the phimocure kit straight away as i couldn’t use the finger techniques.

    I started on ring 4 and currently on ring 8. It feels like its working for 30 seconds then i can forget about it and carry on with my work for an hour.

    I first realised something was wrong when i had sex at 15 and i felt a tear and had lots of blood. Never went and saw anyone as i was too shy. At this time i couldn’t retract flaccid, let alone erect.

    Im now 30 my wife knows i have a problem but she isn’t worried about it luckily. We have 3 kids so it must be working okay! I can retract fully flaccid but not easily but not erect. I also get erections easily when i am trying to stretch etc which i assume is due to me being so sensitive underneath the skin.

    My other worry is i have loads of tiny white marks on my foreskin as i try and retract which have been there for years.. are they normal? I have seen a doctor as i said but he didn’t seem to worry?

    I will add a few pics as I’m hoping you can help me.

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    Ok seems i cant add pics 🙄

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      Post pics on imgur.com, then link.

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    It’s probably scarring.


    Try post the link again but break it up the link up, maybe it will work like that?

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    I add links but then they don’t show up here… any idea?

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    I think they might have to be approved by the mods first.

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    I don’t see anything wrong

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    The little white spots?

    Thought i was nearly at ring 10 and today ring 9 is hurting. Strange.

    Im hoping a moderator will see this soon and see what they think.

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      Oh I don’t know what they are either.

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    They appear to be Fordyce spots. You can Google that to read about them. Nothing to worry about.

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    Thanks Jim makes me feel better 👍🏼

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