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    Hey, I think im in need of some anti-fungal cream to rule out yeast infection from foreskin. It’s reddened at the end lately and surrounding skin is notably paler/slightly dry looking.


    I have a pharmacy a short walk away, but I’m unsure what kind I should be buying? I noticed Canesten on their website, 2 types include the active Clotrimazole, but one is specified for internal use and 1-time only (specified for vaginal thrush). The other is cheaper and 1% for athlete’s foot.

    Do I shoot for the cheaper one here, or is that not recommended for internal use? It’s not a matter of money, but I wonder if the internal 1-time use isn’t recommended, as most people here seem to recommend using it multiple times to treat.

    I have a prescription I can pick up this week so if anyone can get back with a pretty defining answer I’d appreciate any input, might shave some embarrassment away if I can just pick it up alongside!

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    I used the cream but it wasn’t going away so I got a pill and it took a few days but cleared. Everyone is different though.

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    Makes sense, can you recall the type of cream? I’m just wondering if its advised to put on basic athlete’s foot-styled cream into the opening of the foreskin is all.

    It looks outside than whatever might be affected within, but I still need to apply it all over before trying other methods

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