White and flaky tip

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      Tip of uncircumcised penis thick white skin that flakes off any idea http://willywellbeing.com/wp-content/uploads/hm_bbpui/44798/q9rxu4jfu5qjuu6nalr0y66jkjfclm5r.jpg

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      davit jones

      It looks like a yeast infection to me. Some hate this but a doctor approved this whole heartedly for a woman with a yeast infection. Use some hydrogen peroxide to clean it up. If you cannot retract use an eyedropper to put some HP around your skin . Rinse it out and repeat application. You can try applying some Lotramin  but if you go to the doctor get some Fluconazole pills, It will cure any thrush or yeast infection in a few days.  This yeast infection if let go will result in tightening of the FS. If you can retract keep it back if you can to reduce tightening of the FS.  DONT FALL FOR GETTING CUT. .

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      If white and flaky could be simply smegma. How long you had it for? Otherwise it could be an infection. Better off checking with an urologist.

      Bewary of surgery recommendation… your foreskin isn’t the problem here.

      And can we please stop referring to ourselves as “uncircumcised”, that only validates circumcision as the norm, and we as the outcasts. When we have a natural penis and are the 70% majority in the world, so it is the circumcised that need the label.

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      Did this suddenly appear? Any odor or itch? Any changes in hygiene or sex practices?

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