You Guys Saved My Foreskin

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      Here’s my story:

      I was 20 years old and not able to retract my foreskin even while my penis was flaccid. I was extremely depressed about this. However, I found this discussion forum and the information on this page saved my foreskin.

      From this discussion forum, I learned about a steroid ointment called Triamcinolone Acetonide 0.5%. It’s a very potent ointment that I asked my doctor to prescribe to me. Luckily she did and my journey began.

      To apply the ointment, I gently pulled back my foreskin just to reveal the tight phimotic ring at the end of my foreskin. I applied the ointment to the inner part of the phimotic ring once every day. After about three weeks of doing this, I was able to retract my foreskin while it was flaccid without any stretching whatsoever. The ointment thinned the skin, made it more elastic, and relieved its tightness.

      After a few more weeks of doing this, my foreskin now retracts back all the way when my penis becomes erect. During erection, the skin is still a little bit tight when it goes behind the head, but I feel like I can fix this small amount of tightness with just a little bit of stretching exercises.

      Thank you to Jim, Paul B, and everyone else that posts valuable information on this discussion forum. The internet lacks a lot of information regarding foreskin issues, but this discussion forum has truly helped a lot. Solve the issue without surgery. Thank you so much. God Bless – Gary


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      Guys like you make it all worth while. Thanks for sharing your success.

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